Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick Or Treating

So, we got a new laptop. Again. Because ours broke. Again. I'm not exaggerating when I say that we've been through fifty seven laptops in the last six months.

Okay. I might be exaggerating.

Just a little though.

So, we finally just bit the bullet and bought a mac. Doesn't everyone love macs? And they have those really funny commercials with Justin Long...that's what did it for me. We're not "computer" people. We don't play games or write codes or do nerdy stuff. I play solitaire, Nick uses iTunes. Oh, and I like to shop online now too. So, that's what we need, solitaire, itunes, and an internet. So I guess technically we didn't NEED to get a mac for those three things. But I'm so SICK AND TIRED of our laptops breaking! So we figured we'd just give it a go.

I can't figure it out. All the windows buttons are on the wrong side of the windows. It didn't come with solitaire. My old itunes is stuck in the old laptop until we get a new power cord or something to get it out. The internet is weird, it's not a big E, it's some sort of compass, and like I said, the buttons are on the wrong side. And the internet doesn't take up the whole screen like it's supposed to. And I took some pics from trick or treat off my camera and they went somewhere and I couldn't find them for about an hour. And then once I did find them, I don't know how to look at them. I just see a little thumbnail. I can't double click a picture, have it fill up my screen, and then scroll through, deleting as I go. I mean, I took two hundred and fifty pictures the night we trick or treated. I need to be able to scroll and delete! And I obviously can't edit because my photoshop is for a real computer and won't work on a mac. That, in my opinion, is total bs. I already paid for it, they should give me a version that will work on this for free.

But anyway, I DID figure out how to get my thumbnails into the blog, so here's our trick or treat extravaganza. But bear in mind, when selecting which photos to upload, alls I had to go by were these teeny tiny little thumbnail shots. So they might not be the best ones I took that night, hopefully when Nick gets home we can figure out how to do this. Or, I guess I could do the unlazy thing and get off the couch and take care of this on the big computer in the bedroom.

Yeah. Like THAT'S gonna happen.

By the way, as I'm typing all this and waiting for the pics to upload? The little compass internet is just as slow as the old E internet on my old laptop. So far, mac's not getting many points here. Crap, I just got a "bad request" box. So I have to start over. This thing is getting NEGATIVE points now. Here's hoping I don't throw this thing out the window before Nick gets home.

All right, I got some pictures on here, but I can't move them around. This sucks, I'm so disappointed.

Had to switch to my big computer in the bedroom. I'm so upset, I hate everyone who told us to get a mac! I was so excited, thinking it was gonna be so awesome, and it just sucks. And to top it off, my blog is forcing me to type in the center of the screen. WHAT THE HECK!?!?

But I guess the point is the pictures, so here we go. I didn't put the pics on the big computer, so they're still crappy shots I only saw in the thumbnails, but after wasting over an hour already, this is all you get.

Here we are at the beginning, over at Ericka's house. We were supposed to go to this big Halloween chili party hoopla, but it got cancelled last minute so I begged Ericka to let us go with her and she graciously agreed. Bear in mind, this is actually Saturday, not Halloween. Ahh, Guam.

Trick or treat basket seems like a bucket, so we might as well put it on our head. (In a non mac world, I would have edited this to zoom in and be a portrait instead of a landscape and it would be totally cuter.)

His first trick or treat. He didn't really understand why he couldn't have EVERYTHING in her basket, but he didn't throw a hissy fit like I thought he would. Hey, I'm not stuck typing in the center anymore!

The "no eating while you trick or treat" rule lasted exactly two houses. Not worth listening to him whine all night. This is why I'll never win Mother of the Year. And I'm back typing in the center. Sigh.

So that's all I've got for now. I'm gonna put out a desperate plea on fb for someone to point me in the direction of a good youtube video that might show me what I'm doing wrong here. Although, I probably won't be able to figure out how to watch it. If I ever do figure it out, I'll go back and put up better pictures, I swear.


  1. ok, it took me a while to get used to my mac, too, but SERIOUSLY i love it so much now. it never crashes on me or acts unpredictable. the nuances take a while but they are totally worth it. i'm sorry to not bring any earth-shattering tech support, but hang in there. and you can get a full screen on the internet if you press the green button, top left, the one next to the yellow button. at least that works for me. good luck!

  2. There is an adjustment period for the mac, but now I don't remember how to use a pc! For a temporary photo solution, download picasa-if you don't know, it's a google program that organizes your photos and lets you do minor edits. I'd also download mozilla firefox-I much prefer it to safari(the little compass thing).