Monday, November 29, 2010

Twelve Months Later and I Figured Something Out!!!

So ya'll know that last Christmas I got Photoshop Elements 8 from Santa.  And I haven't really done ANYTHING with it, except for a TON of scrapbooking collages (which, in my defense, is the main reason I bought it.) And then we got this stupid piece of crapola Mac, and my photoshop wouldn't work on it, so I couldn't even get rid of red eye!  Very depressing.  Well, first of all, it finally dawned on me to HELLO! download a free 30 day trial of Elements to put on said piece of crapola Mac.  Duh, why didn't I think of that before? Anyway, I guess 8 is out, and 9 is in (and it's only been a year! those people sure do know how to make their money) but it worked the same for red eye.  So I downloaded all my Thanksgiving pics and snapped right through, taking out the red eye.

Yes, Nikki, I know you can tell your camera to do it for you.  But that causes a slight (or not so slight!) delay from when you push the button till when you take your picture, so I don't do that.  So I get a LOT of red eyes, so really, Elements is quite important, even if just for that.  But that's not the point!

The point is, I finally tried something NEW!!!

I used the bandaid symbol, whatever that is.  I did it on a whim.  I didn't consult Google (my best friend when it comes to all things Elements) or even the forty five dollar Elements For Dummies that I just HAD TO HAVE.  I just clicked that bandaid and went to town.  And check it out!

Here's the before.  Regular old Warren (although the red eyes are already removed) with his regular old bruises, cuts, or scrapes.

And after!  Check him out, he's like a normal kid with no bruises, cuts, or scrapes!

Actually, that doesn't sound too normal, even for a non-Engelbrecht.  I mean, NO bruises, cuts, or scrapes?  Seems like if that's how you look, you might be missing out on something...

Anyway, you might not be able to see it in your little computer screen, but the difference is HUGE!  I mean, the giant red booger (it's really not, it's just the ooze coming from the lack of skin under his nose.  Which doesn't really sound any less gross now that you mention it) is totally gone!  The skin is still a little discolored, like maybe he has a scar or even a healing sore, but not that booger!  That bandaid man- that thing is no joke!

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