Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Well I had my appointment yesterday.  I knew last week when I had my glucose screen and no one called me that I didn't end up with gestational diabetes, but it was still nice to hear it from her.  AND, for the first time in FOUR pregnancies, my H&H is low, but not low enough to need those nasty iron pills!  I mean, seriously? Even with Ava it was low and I got stuck with those.  Gross.  Guess all those "healthy" people really are on to something!

And I lost weight!  Now, over the last six weeks, I've lost about two pounds on my home scale.  BUT, I wasn't sure, with wearing clothes and going right after lunch, if that would show up on the scale in the office.  But it did!  And even though I didn't get to see Dr. Staben and be all excited to tell her, I saw the clinic NP who was literally jumping up and down and congratulating me and squealing and cheering me on.  IT WAS SO FUN!!!  Lemme tell you, I was plenty proud to lose those thirty pounds on WW last last summer and sharing that at my meetings, but this was WAY BETTER!  And I'm actually measuring about two weeks ahead, which isn't GOOD, but makes me feel better, that I'm not starving little Kiki-Mirena-FreshBeatBand-Engelbrecht, you know?

I also mentioned my panic attacks last week about the baby being dead, and my fears about Warren when he was four months and I thought he was dead all the time too.  She said that that was def post partum depression and if it happens this time I need to go in asap.  She offered to make me an appointment in mental health for the panic attacks, but she also said that it's a self referral process, meaning that if I get like that again, I can call over there and make an appointment myself.  So I told her I'd hold off and see if it happens again, and if it becomes unmanageable (like it was last week-not being able to get off the couch for fear that you'll kill your baby makes it a little hard to complete the day-to-day tasks that make you NOT need to go to a mental hospital-you know, wash your hair, put on pants, that sort of thing :) ) then I would come in.  She also told me to start coming every four weeks (gag me) instead of six.  We'll see if I really follow through with that :)

Meanwhile, this is what my son now looks like.  I was a little worried that someone would call DCS on me yesterday, especially since we had to walk through the peds clinic to get our flu shots.

Apparently he fell off his little slide, and landed JUST RIGHT to scrape all the skin off under his nose.  So it looks like he's got perpetual snot and blood under there now.  AND he's still picking his nose like crazy (we're having some mega allergies out here!) so the other nostril is usually caked in dried blood.  Should be fun at the FRG Thanksgiving we're getting ready for.

So that's my day yesterday.  Same stuff, different day.  Nick is in port, so we've been Facetiming with him, which is the only saving grace to this horrible Mac that you dorks convinced me to get.  Still hate it!  But the Facetime is nice, Warren spent a good twenty minutes putting his cup right up to the screen so Nick could have a drink.  I wish they had port calls more often!  Makes me think surface life must be so frickin easy.

And now Warren just fell off the table.  When is he going to learn?  I mean, first of all, the table is HUGE, why is he falling off? Second of all, he's fallen off the table a hundred times, doesn't something in his tiny little mind say hey dude, this didn't work too well last time, maybe you should stay at ground level?

The other two NEVER climbed OR fell off of stuff!!!

And Holly- if you're reading this: where was the warning that Cheerios soaked in milk are a thousand times harder to sweep up than dry Cheerios?

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  1. Just gorged on your blog!! I love you. Like really for real BFF love. I had to take antidepressants WHILE I was pregnant with Sadie for the last two months I was a wreck. Sobbing and sure the entire world was going to end. And she is a genius. The other two ate sand and dirt. Not this one. No ma'am she only eats food. And crayons. But crayons don't really count... My point is. Get the meds if you need them. Nobody. NOBODY deserves to feel that way. Especially one of my BFFs!