Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Pictures!!!

Well over here on the wrong side of the world, Christmas morning has come and gone! Apparently, Ava was up at five thirty, but she and Nick played quietly until the boys got up at six thirty, and they all woke me up.  That's a pretty dangerous mission, but Nick kept them out of my reach until I calmed down and joined  the land of the living.  What can I say, I hate waking up! Yes, even for Christmas.  I know, it's awful!

I was having some pretty serious lighting issues, but I did the best I could.  I had to use my little lens to get and shots, which I HATE, and I didn't want the flash, so I tried to adjust the ISO and white balance to get rid of that horrid yellow cast, and it did, a little, but our WALLS are yellow, so it just never goes away! But in adjusting the ISO and white balance, I got stuck with a super slow shutter speed (I think) and so there's a lot of blur in the shots.  But the point is, we had Christmas, and they loved it, and it was perfect and happy and fun and all that stuff.  The point is NOT the pictures.  Right?


So here are the pics I did manage to capture.

Nick took the last one in this template, of the kids silhouetted against the tree? I really like that one, like, it's frame worthy.  Really nice.  Thanks babe!

Now, when I pick the kids up from school, all the lunchboxes are lined up against the wall, and there's this tin Thomas one that EVERY SINGLE DAY, Warren grabs and tries to take to the van.  Every day! It's so sad when I have to pry it from his chubby little fingers.  Every. Single. Day.  So obviously, that was one of the first things I ordered this season on amazon.

And he was THRILLED! I was having lighting issues, so I couldn't get him actually unwrapping it, but his little face lit up and he squealed and everything, just like I hoped he would.  It was PERFECT.

And he was content with it! He just walked around with it while the big kids finished tearing through their gifts!

Now, this next one I think is super cute, and plan to print it out and use it for a scrapbook page :) I have this super cute pic of Warren from last year, throwing a hissy fit on Thanksgiving.  What kind of mother giggles and grabs the camera when her precious child is having a nervous breakdown on a sacred holiday?

The kind of mother who got knocked up with number four before number one turned five.  That's who!

Crap, when I went to the old post to link it up, I saw the pic and now I just have to post it.  He's so stinkin cute!  And by the way, Nick does not share in my feelings that our children throwing hissy fits is adorable.  I'm telling you, it's an over-worked uterus thing, I swear!

Random Flashback from Nov 2009



And now for the pictures I couldn't figure out how to clip into a template.  These are some of the best ones, so I didn't want them to end up super small.  Actually, I made that last part up.  I just got sick of sitting at the computer when I could have been laying on the couch.

And lastly, the pile of paper.  The Christmas Aftermath.  PLEASE excuse the giant fatty in blue, I tried to edit her out and I just couldn't get it right.  I tried to get her as small as possible.

More importantly, how do I get rid of those numbers? I just noticed that.  Hmm.

Anyway.  That's our GUAMAZING CHRISTMAS! We hope all of ya'll have a wonderful and peaceful day tomorrow and we can't wait to see everyone again!!!  We want to thank ALL the grandparents for all the amazing and generous gifts.  And as a reward if you're still reading (MOMMY!!) we finally decided on the name! Next Christmas, we'll be celebrating with Ava, Scott, Warren, and Daisy June Engelbrecht.  Hooray! Now to just get her out, while Nick is around....


  1. how awesome. i'm so glad you all had a great Christmas morning. love the pics.

  2. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! So glad to see that the kids had a wonderful christmas morning. Ours are still in bed it is almost 11pm. Miss you guys. Love you bunches.

  3. So sweet! Warren's lunchbox made me tear up! I love it when you get just the right thing for them! AND HOORAY for Daisy June!