Thursday, December 16, 2010

Daddy's Back!

Well it's over.  For now anyway.  The end of the LONGEST five and a half weeks on my life.  Ya'll, seriously, I do NOT understand how I used to do this for six months at a time! I guess I had less kids and a job to keep me busy, but still.  These five weeks nearly did me in.  I was doing fine until about ten days ago, and then I just threw in the towel.  Hence my break from blogging.  It was hard enough to get out bed and make breakfast, let alone get on the computer.

But now it's over, at least for a few weeks, and Nick is home!  We were there fifteen minutes early because I wanted some pics of Santa riding the boat in, but apparently the boat wasn't concerned with the schedule I got, so they got there like forty minutes early.  So we didn't get any shots of Santa riding the boat, or of Anna's daddy driving it in!  Sort of a bummer, but whatever.

THEN, with my crappy eyes and the sunshine and the just being me, I didn't even recognize my husband walking towards us.  I mean, they all dress exactly the same AND wear hats, so whatever.  Lisa nudged me and sort of pointed towards him, so I told the kids to run in that direction and hope for the best.

They found the right guy!

 Here's Ava showing Daddy the sign she made at Final Fling.  Bless her heart.  I should take a picture of this sign ya'll, it's pretty funny.

We brought Nick a present- a gingerbread house.  That he can do with the kids.  All by himself.  While I am either sleeping or out shopping.  With no kids.  Not even the baby.

Isn't this a sweet shot? In general, these pics are sort of crap.  I just wasn't in the mood to be messing with aperture and all that crap.

And if ever a boy needed his daddy's Scott.  It took a few minutes for him to warm up, but then once he did, he did NOT leave Nick's side for the ENTIRE time we were out there.  We all missed Nick, obviously, but these underways are just especially hard on poor little Scott.

Then Nick had to run down to the boat for something or another, so Warren just went up to the next guy he saw in a poopy suit and climbed on up.  Thank God it was at least a daddy, not some random random stranger who doesn't understand what kids are like!

It was Mandi's sweet husband Joe, and he held the baby until Nick came back up.  Isn't that sweet? And even more amazingly, his own girls didn't pitch a fit that their daddy was holding someone else! If it had been Nick holding some random baby, Ava and Scott would have been all but peeing on Nick to mark him as THEIR DADDY.

So that's the skinny.  We're going to enjoy the next few weeks, and continue to pray for a miracle that Nick gets to stay home for me to have this baby.  I guess anything is possible, but it's so hard for me to be optimistic about it, so I'm just trying not to think about it at all. So pray for it, but please, don't mention it to me.  At all.


  1. I love the pictures. Which lens are you using? Well good to hear he is back and you can get a break. The family looks good!

  2. Done. And your "crap" pictures left me a sniveling wreck!

  3. Glad you've all been reunited! Have a great Christmas together, and enjoy your gingerbread house break!

  4. yay! yay! yay! i love these pics, especially of Scott!

  5. Loved the pictures!

    So happy Nick is HOME! And I'll get Her Highness to pray for you. She seems to get prayers answered.