Friday, December 31, 2010

Date Day

 Guess who went on a date today?

 We started at the post office, which I didn't even know was Date Material.  And then we hit the hardware store, which I DEFINITELY didn't think of as a Date Destination.

But my Date did, and before naps, when we were talking about our Date, she said "We had a Date all day! The post office, and the store, and the pedicure, and lunch!!!" I was quite surprised, and then ashamed.  She had been cherishing her time alone with me, and I had simply been running some errands.

She was OBVIOUSLY the cutest person in the little pedicure place, but I'm sure you already guessed that part.  She sat perfectly still while they painted her toes (and fingers) and even waited patiently while they went to work sawing off all the dead skin on her mama's feet.  And I'm sure you can imagine that this took a LONG time.  And she just sat still next to me, soaking it up.

And then we went out to lunch.  At Wendy's.  And she couldn't have been happier.

Then we came home, to our messy house and our naughty boys, and most of her polish chipped off before naptime.  But still.  I think she'll remember.  I hope so.  I hope next time I lose my temper and scream at her for behaving like a five year old, she remembers how much fun we had at the post office, at the hardware store, at Wendy's, and getting our pedicures.  I hope she remembers this day, and decides that maybe I'm not a monster after all.

Although I won't be holding my breath.

PS: My free photoshop trial is over on my mac!!! And I can't bear the thought of going to that horrible pc and editing these pics there, so what you see is straight out of the camera crapola.  Ugh.  But I guess the good news is that I officially love my mac!!! Sigh.  Now to get to work making Nick think that buying photoshop one short year after I bought it last time is not only a good idea, but an absolute necessity...might be sort of hard considering my new (unnecessary) stroller just got here yesterday...


  1. Yaaaayyy! Welcome to the Mac loving world. :) Not to say the Cacibauda family told you so, but... we told you so!! :)

  2. i love, love, love this. such a sweet memory for miss ava. we miss y'all and i need you back around here to show me how to be a girl mama :)

  3. See! Aren't you glad you didn't stick it in a box and send it to me? I'm still in the super frustrated stage of trying to et everything set up the way I had it on my PC so I can find stuff.

  4. Awww, y'all have such cute (and TAN) feet! What a fun day. Now I'm feeling the tough skin on my heels. I know it's winter here, but I need a pedicure... SOON.