Friday, December 17, 2010

My Surprise Shower!!!

So the other day (Wednesday, the day before the guys were coming home, not that I was holding my breath and counting the days and crossing my fingers and rubbing my knees raw as I dropped down to pray seventy four times a day that they came in on time or anything) we were having a farewell lunch for the XO's wife, Jen, otherwise known as Will and Chris's mom.  Otherwise known as the first one to really reach out to me in Guam.  Otherwise known as the woman to meet me at the park at a moment's notice to hold me while I cry and sob and get all snotty because this life is just NOT what I signed up for.  Yes, a farewell lunch.  Because she's leaving.  She's going to HI, which is where we're supposed to go in about a year, so I'm trying to tell myself that it's NOT THAT BAD, but I'm still pretty bummed.  So, needless to say, I was a hormonal blubbering mess BEFORE I got to the lunch.

Before I got to the lunch and saw these.

In addition to the farewell lunch for Jen, they were throwing me a baby shower.  A baby shower!!! For my FOURTH BABY!!! Can you even imagine how sweet these women are?!?! I mean, I haven't had a real shower since my shower for Ava!!! I was absolutely stunned, I literally COULD NOT BELIEVE IT.

They threw me a baby shower!!!

Complete with adorable little cupcakes...

And gifts for little KikiFreshBeatBandEngelbrecht!

Now, the only reason I'm posting this HUGE ZOOM IN ON MY FAT FAT FACE, is because of that card.  Tammi made it, with her cricut, the whole thing is handmade!  It's so super cute, I should scan the inside too.  So far, with my cricut, I've cut out a grand total of four letters.  And the finished didn't so much look like that.  Not at all.

Oh for goodness sake, now I'm crying just remembering it.  I hate pregnancy hormones!!!

But seriously ladies, thank you SO MUCH! It meant the world to me, and if I acted like an asshole, that's because I was just caught off guard, and believe it or not, I don't actually LOVE being the center of attention.  I know, it's hard to believe.

And also, in the interest of not being sued, I didn't take these pics, or ask permission to post them.  I stole them right off Laura's facebook page.  That's what she gets for not warning me about the surprise!!!

And then I left those sweet sweet ladies to pick up my sour sour kids, who spent about two and a half hours jumping around with the balloons.  I know I say this a lot but it bears repeating: kids are so dumb.

But look at Warren's  face!  Wouldn't life just be so much better if a couple of balloons could make you THAT happy?

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