Monday, December 20, 2010

Obligatory Gingerbread House Pictures

Phew. These pictures are starting to wear even ME out. Mom, I hope you're enjoying all these! And don't even ask when they're going to be at walgreens! Not for a while. Probably not until after the baby gets here. Which better be soon.

I'm too tired to even blog about it.  Just look at the pictures.  Nick has duty tonight, and even though I did this for five and a half weeks straight, for some reason the idea of being on my own tonight for baths and dinner and all that crap is just getting me down.  Maybe it's because he has duty every three days for the next two weeks.  I mean, I'm sorry, but did I not get the memo that said we were going to re-live our JO tour?  He said he's standing all this duty to suck up in the hopes that they'll leave him behind for the delivery.  Which is all well and good in theory, until they DON'T leave him behind, then he did all this for nothing.


Have I mentioned before that this is the LAST baby?!?! I'm sick of having children living inside of my body.  This is MY body! Get your own body!

I'm done.  Finished.  Forget this crap, I'm done.

And yes, I know.  My walls are yellow.  It's not a trick of the light, I live in a yellow house.  It's yellow outside, and it's yellow inside.  And there's no central air conditioning.  I am living in ANOTHER house without central air.  Yes.  It's true.

Aww, that last picture put a smile on my face.  For a few minutes.  Until the baby jammed her foot between my ribs, and (at the same time) Scott threw a cup of cheerios at Ava.  After I spent naptime sweeping and mopping.


  1. We're making our first ever Hudson House of Gingerbread Insanity today! Wish me luck.

  2. ALWAYS spend naptime sleeping. Unless you are watching trashy reality television.