Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rota Walk

So Saturday night, the Air Force base hosted this Christmas lights brouhahaha called Rota Walk.  I guess they do it every year, this one street in base housing goes ALL out and decorates every square inch with lights and inflatables and they give out TONS of candy and hot chocolate and hot dogs and diet coke- it was like a huge, free carnival.  

Pretty much the ENTIRE USS Houston was there, along with everyone else in Guam, but our group was just too big to function, so we broke off and just hung out with Brandi and Harley and the boys. 

Ava and Scott in front of a decorated tractor.  Yes, a decorated tractor. 

Ava and Lee in one of those cutout things.  I kept snapping pics long after they'd left and ended up with TONS of some other kids.  Weird. 

And this one is for Grandpa Matt.
Ohh Lord, I grew up hearing about "prime beefing" every single day of my entire life.  Sigh.

And then, at the end of the walk, at the General's house (naturally) they had....a snow machine!  So yes, here on Guam, in eighty degree weather, in shorts and tee shirts, we got to enjoy some snow.  And all things being equal, this "snow" was WAY better than that crap we had to deal with in Connecticut last year :)

It was actually some sort of foam, I'm thinking soap or something like that.  It wasn't cold at all.

Look at my baby's face!!! It's hard to see, but he is grinning from EAR TO EAR!

Now look at all these people!!  SHEESH!!

Shortly after the "snow," Scott announced that he was ready for bed.  After all, it was almost eight oclock.  Unfortunately for Scott, we had to walk back down Rota Drive (with everyone else), wait in line for the potties, collect even more candy and glow sticks, and try to get out of the parking lot.  Poor guy.  So he was in a grumpy mood and refused to let me get a pic of his face COVERED in stickers.  What a stinker!


  1. You look skinny even from behind. Tell your doctor to shut up.

  2. Now that's just neat! And I love Ava's outfit. It looks like something Her Highness would like.