Sunday, December 5, 2010

Santa Comes to Guam Too!

Well, I am becoming quite the professional moocher.  I heard my friend Laura talking about going to see Santa on facebook, and so I immediately invited myself to go with her :) Luckily, she was gracious enough to agree, and even talked her friend (the actual one that she made these plans with) into saying yes too!

Now, I don't know why I was surprised, but for some reason I found it really surprising that they would have a Santa here.  I mean, they have a mall (it's not a mall like you're thinking.  Yes, it's a big building with lots of stores, but they're not any stores you've ever heard of, and it's INSANELY expensive) so why wouldn't they have a Santa?  But whatever, I was still surprised.  And obviously, caught off guard.  For the first time in five years, my Santa photo doesn't feature coordinated, matching holiday clothes from Old Navy.  Sad face.

But whatever.  The kids had a total blast, and believe it or not, they were super well behaved.  And not just 'well behaved for Engelbrechts' they were just straight up well behaved!  The mall had this little holiday train, just like the one in CT come to think of it, and tickets were only a dollar!  We only had time to ride it once, but I have a feeling we'll be back.  Probably a few times.  For multiple rides.  Sound fun?

Laura, the gracious mooch-ie, and her baby Ashton.  Thanks for letting me tag along!

Apparently, "smile so I can take your picture!" translates to "show me your muscles!"

The only shot I got of the three, and it's total crap.  Grr. 

Then we got in line for Santa himself.  That was fun.  But like I said, the kids were really good.  Like, really really good.  Warren was a little apprehensive of Santa, but I shoved him in the sleigh and stepped back so the guy could snap a pic before Warren realized what was going on and started crying.  Hooray for me and that fast guy!
This is the "professional" shot.  I think my scanner is dusty or something. 

And again, with the muscles.  Lord, help me.  I need some help ya'll!

This was after Warren freaked and I had to take him out.  Obviously wasn't planning on having to be in the picture, can you tell?  Ugh. 

And here's Laura's family, aren't they so cute?  I just LOVE her older son Drew, I could just eat him up! He's HILARIOUS, and so sweet!

And the sweet neighbor, with her adorable little girl.  I'm so glad I'm having a girl, have I mentioned that lately?

Then we headed upstairs to watch the light show.  I didn't get many pics because I was holding all three children while they stood on a balcony even though I told them they'd fall and crack their heads open and die, but it was just like the show at Dollywood.  Just with a lot less lights.

AND THEN, because we weren't exhausted and at our wits' ends as it was, we headed into the little tiny amusement park they have right smack dab in the middle of the foodcourt.  I was pooped, so despite a thousand adorable photo opportunities, these are the only shots I got.  Sorry kids.

He actually LOVED it, and laughed the entire time.  Until I pointed the camera at him.

So!  I did it, Santa at the mall by myself.  Well, obviously, not by myself for real, but without Nick.  I can still remember when Ava was a baby and I couldn't handle going to Walgreens by myself to pick up some tylenol because it was so much work getting her loaded up in the car, then out at the store, then back in.  Ahh, Past Jenn.  You were so stupid.  You shoulda went to Walgreens every day.  Because you'll probably never go again.

But anyway, we did it.  Successfully.  I'm so bummed Nick missed it, but glad that we didn't.  Thanks again Laura, I really appreciate it!  And tell your neighbor I'm sorry if Warren wiped his nose on her shoulder.  And tell her thanks for taking Scott to pee.

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  1. LOL at Past Jenn. Past Robin was a total idiot too.