Saturday, December 18, 2010

School Play

Getting tired of pictures yet? Then I'd avoid the Engelbrecht Family Blog for a while :) Because yesterday was the school play, and since I am NO LONGER A SINGLE MOTHER, I didn't have to juggle the video camera, the regular camera, and the baby.  So I did video, and Nick handled the camera.  And Nick took two hundred and thirty eight pictures.  During a forty minute show, only twenty of which featured one of Team Engelbrecht.

That's a LOT of pictures.  Obviously.

I tried to squeeze them into these templates in an attempt to not have a million on here, but I just can't do it! When I'm going thru these pics, any time I hit 'delete' I feel like one of the kids is going to jump up and scream "Mama! Don't delete me!!! Don't you love me?!?!?" So it's pretty hard :(

Scott was a reindeer, obviously.  Props to Ms. Tia for getting him to wear that nose! I don't know HOW she did it, I was absolutely SHOCKED when he walked out with it on.  And then he left it on the whole time!

And he also yawned the entire time.  He's so tired because he gets up early to poop every morning!  I'm open to suggestions on how to solve that one.  Holly? Robin? Anyone?

And I know you're going to roll your eyes, but I have to say it.  Ava is just so beautiful!!! Is this a normal mom thing, or am I crazy? Or is she really THAT stunning?!?! I mean, she literally takes me breath away, I really think that she's THAT beautiful!!!

There was a Santa at school, but the way it was set up, we had to stay for Ava's play while Scott saw Santa.  Morgan's mom said she'd get some pics for me, but I haven't had a chance to get them yet.  So don't worry ya'll- there'll be more pics soon!

And then after we went home and got a nap, we headed to the NEX to see Santa AGAIN.  I had heard that it was Island Santa, in shorts and flip flops, you know?  It wasn't.  If I don't get a pic of Island Santa before Christmas is over, I'm gonna be PISSED!!!

But it WAS Santa, so I snapped a few shots.  Warren was a little nervous, but eventually the candy cane was just too tempting, so he went up to get it.

So that brings us up to Friday.  Just be glad I can't figure out how to get my video camera connected to the computer, because I recorded the ENTIRE program.  What can I say, I can't get enough of my kids!!! Who knew, right?

Stay tuned for pics.  More pics.  LOTS more pics.  I've got gingerbread houses, trips to the pool, a few outside shots, and tonight we're headed to Andersen for Rota walk.  So stayed tuned for more pics.  LOTS more pics.

Oh shoot, I forgot these three.  Scott got this Santa hat at the pier on Thursday, and he wears it EVERYWHERE!!!


  1. I got nothing on the poop situation. I think it's normal to be overwhelmed by your kids beauty when they are as stunning as ours. Just sayin'. Ava is gorgeous!! And yay!!! So excited nick is home and you can actually enjoy your babies!!!!

  2. Ava is beautiful! And she looks just like her momma!
    About the poop... Have you ever tried to make him sit down on the potty just before bedtime just to see if he might could go?? Other than that, I dunno... Maybe no foods after 4 pm?? That's about the time my granny cuts off liquids for herself, for similar reasons. :)
    love the play pics! Too cute.