Friday, December 31, 2010

Scrapbooking (An Ode To Nikki)

As expected, this whole Through The Years Album business is taking a LOT longer than I thought it would.  Sigh.  I was so excited, because at a page a year, I really only had to do nine pages.  Five for Ava, three for Scott, and one for Warren.  That's nine, right?  Yes.  And I did ALL the picture templates in one day (a long, long, LONG time ago) and had them printed, and they've just been sitting.  And it's literally just glue the pictures onto some cardstock, then type up a quick journal entry for the facing page.  Easy peasy, no time at all.  Except it's taking FOREVER!!!

BUT, after all that, my WONDERFUL, AMAZING, GENEROUS older sister took the time to go to Hobby Lobby and buy me TONS AND TONS AND TONS of scrapbooking supplies, then box them all up and go to the post office and mail them to me, so I figured that was the kick I needed to get started.  So I got started.  But I still haven't got very far.  AND I'm still only halfway done with the Disney 2008 book, but I swear if I look at one more Disney pic I'm going to lose my mind, so that's on hold.  And our regular old family album? I've done two pages since we moved here.  Well, two and a half.  A page for Ava's gymnastics class, a page for her birthday party, and half a page of our new beach bum lives.  That's it!!! WE'VE BEEN HERE NINE AND A HALF MONTHS!!!

And the thing is, I LOVE to scrapbook! I don't know WHAT my problem is!  Ugh.  Poor time management I guess.  And Daisy...I don't even have a book for her.  And I only have a few pages done in Warren's book, so she'll be on hold for a while I guess.  Sigh. 

But anyway, I have done all three of Scott's pages, so I figured I'd show them off.  Why not, right?  Since he's turning four in a few months and I'll have yet another easy peasy quick page that will probably take me six months to finish, I want to be able to say 'look! it's complete!'

So, look! It's complete!

Year One...

Year One Picture Side

Year One Journal Side

Year Two...
Year Tow Picture Side

Year Two Journal Side

Year Three...

Year Three Picture Side

Year Three Journal Side

Year Three is kind of plain, but I don't know what else to do to spruce it up.  I also don't know why that picture won't center.  Apparently, the impossible has finally happened.  I'm doing this post in the bedroom, on the real computer, and I can't stand it!!! I need my Mac!!!

Did you ever think I'd say that? Me neither.  Wow.  Feels weird.  But it's true, I can barely function on the pc anymore!!!  Weird.  In fact, I now hate this pc so much that I have to quit and get off of it!  It's gross!!  That's so weird!!!

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  1. i'm a serial commenter today. i teared up over scott's journal pages. maybe its taking you a long time but this is so incredibly special. he's gonna look back at it when he leaves for college and that boy is gonna cry!!