Monday, December 27, 2010

Some Pics to Look At Before You Go Shovel Some Snow

Yes, more pics. I just can't get enough of my new layering/clipping mask powers! I'm like a super hero or something!  You know, if there were superheroes who's only powers were basic photoshop elements functions...

Anyway, we figured since it was Dec 27 today, we'd hit the pool.  So naturally, the pool was closed.  But we had just as much fun at the beach!
Now, how could I resist posting this next set? I could literally just bend over and take a bite out of his tiny hiney.  Except that I can no longer bend over.  But you understand what I mean.
The only super power I wish I had was the ability to flip the template over, so that the further away shot of his WHOLE  body could be on the right, and the close up on the left.  But whenever I flip the actual template, it does something to the layers and I can no longer load the images into them properly.  Does anyone have ANY idea what I'm talking about?

For the first time (at least for me) there were actually waves out at Gab Gab today!  And they were pretty serious too, I was a little nervous.  Scott, not so much.  Obviously.

Warren was just a teeny bit more cautious.  Just a little.

Grandma Jane sent these cute little hooded beach towels for Christmas, they're really neat! I've never seen that style before.  But they're nice and small too, so they actually fit into my beach bag.  (I cannot for the life of me understand why no one makes a SMALL beach towel for kids.  They each need their own, but come on, if I wanted to carry three beach towels, I'd need a sea bag! We normally use baby bath towels!!! They're the PERFECT size, but I still feel a little ghetto pulling them out.  Sheesh!)

Warren was the first one in his, and he stood next to me in the back of the van looking absolutely ADORABLE for the longest time.  Until Nick showed up with the camera.  Then he threw a huge hissy fit and took it off.  What a crapface.

So that's what we're doing while the east coast is getting a blizzard and it's snowing down south.  I heard it even stuck in Atlanta, for the first white Christmas since the eighteen hundreds! But who knows if that's a reliable factoid.  Not me.  But it sounds good, doesn't it?

Anyway.  Good thing we're going to HI next, I don't know if I'll ever be able to live in 'seasons' again.  Isn't that crazy? But true.  Tropical living is the way for me.  I just wish there was a Tropical Target or something.

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