Saturday, December 4, 2010

SSDD (Any Stephen King fans? Anyone?)

Why haven't I been blogging lately? Well, let me tell you, for a woman with no job, no volunteering duties, basically no responsibilities other than keeping my children fed and relatively safe...I am ALWAYS busy! I don't get it!  I've actually resorted to PRAYING FOR HELP WITH MY HOUSEWORK!!! Have you ever heard of something so crazy? My Bible study is all about praying for even the smallest things, so I figured, hey, why not give it a shot.  The thing is, I spend hours- LITERALLY HOURS- sweeping and mopping and picking up toys and cleaning off the counters and changing sheets and putting away laundry...hours.  And my house just doesn't reflect all the work I'm doing!  I mean, for this amount of time, I expect my house to look like a museum.  I really do.  And it looks just as messy as before I started! I seriously did not sit down on Monday, I cleaned ALL MORNING LONG while the kids were at school.  And you couldn't even tell.

So yeah, I prayed for God to help me get a grip.  Get a new system or something.  I'm obviously doing SOMETHING wrong, it's not normal to spend this much time on housework.

Is it? Oh crap, what if this is normal? What if this is my life for the next twenty years?  I'll die.  I will just die.  I'm totally serious.

So yeah, this is how boring my life is now.  I stress about housework.  I used to stress about making sure my patients were getting the right combination of chemo, making sure my patients were in a safe situation to delivery a happy, healthy baby, making sure my patients were recovering well from surgery...and now I stress about getting the dishwasher started early enough that I can open it up before I go to bed so the dishes can dry overnight and I can put them away in the morning and start all over.  Holly, if you're reading this: this is NOT the life I signed up for!  You may have wanted it, but I picked a DIFFERENT LIFE!!!

But, another thing we're learning in my Bible study (which, I swear, I really am going to post about that soon) is LIVING in the season of life you're in, instead of just biding your time until it's over.  So that's what I'm trying to do.  It's just really hard.  But I figured decorating for Christmas would be a good place to start.  Nothing like putting up a tree and then going to the beach to get in the Christmas spirit   :)

And I found this website, the coffee shop, where you can get these neat little templates to arrange your pics on your blog. Think I might have discovered where some of my time goes....but anyway, I can't figure out how SHE does it (she talks about actions and things, does anyone know what that means? that's a totally different language for me...) but I figured out how to just do a clipping mask, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is what you see at the top. Here's a few more plain old pics of the kids 'decorating' our poor beat up old tree. What you can't see are all the lights. There's seven million prelit lights already attached to the tree, and since only four of them (just four, not four million) are working, I had to string about seventeen strands of lights around as well. So, there's a LOT of green wires on that tree. In fact, a lot of the ornaments are actually hanging on the wires. We're so ghetto.

And no, that's not a trick of the light.  My walls are yellow.  Yellow, yellow, and more yellow.  I was tricked.

Decorating actually took most of the week.  And you know what, I sort of liked it that way.  It was easier than doing it all in one fell swoop, which is what we would do if Nick was here.  I just did a little bit at a time until it was done.  More my speed.  And check out my favorite decoration, a gold NOEL sign I got at Target the day after Christmas a few years ago for 75% off.

Dammit all, moving halfway around the world.  I have a feeling that the move is the main reason those dang lights on the tree no longer work too.  And yes, my dining room wall is yellow too.  And yes, that's a cord on the wall.  It goes from the ceiling fan, across the ceiling to the wall, and down the wall to an outlet in the MIDDLE of the wall, at eye level.  Very nice.  There's no drywall to hide cords under, just concrete.  Yellow, concrete walls.  I heart Guam.

And here's my little slowly-healing guy. The sore no longer looks like a booger, just a plain ole scab. Still really gross. And it looks like it's going to scar. Grr.

It's always weird to me how I learned some developmental stuff about kids in nursing school (I wasn't paying too much attention given that I hate kids and new I'd never work with them, and I certainly wouldn't HAVE any) and I see it with my kids.  For example, stacking blocks is a big developmental milestone.  Who knows why.  And I'm not sure when they're supposed to do it.  It just makes me smile whenever he does it.  All the legos and electronic fisher price crap and everything else, and he just loves to grab a bucket of block and make a tower.  And then put the bucket on his head.

And then, the more I enforce the rule that there is to be NO PLAYING IN THE BEDROOMS (before you get all she's-so-ridiculous-what-a-stupid-rule on me, bear in mind that we have a playroom that is LITERALLY the size of a two car garage.  And I say literally because that's what it was.   It's HUGE) the more they want to play in there! And I don't let them bring any toys in, so apparently, they play 'sleep.'  Why not just go the extra step and actually sleep?  That would be better for me guys.

 So yeah.  That's life.  Nick is still supposed to be home for Christmas.  Nick is still supposed to be gone for the delivery of Baby Girl Engelbrecht.  I am still trudging along on weight watchers, but it's getting harder because they changed their ENTIRE system, and I'm pretty sure the baby is having a growth spurt or something because I'm REALLY hungry.  I'm still walking though, and I use my elliptical on days I can't walk.  I'm still not watching TV like I used to, and it's sort of nice.  Same old, same old.  Same stuff, different day.

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  1. At least you clean! My house may be on the verge of being condemned...

    Talking about living in your life's current season really resonates with me. I'm terrible at it and have really been praying to be better.

    PS~ So I TRIED to go to the pool today, and apparently it's closed on Mondays. I finally get off my lazy butt and try to get some use out of my maternity swimsuit and that's what I get. Awesome.