Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tropical Winters

Gotta love Scott's expression.
Since my sister is talking about snow on facebook, my extended family is talking about life in Michigan, and even my dad on the Gulf Coast is complaining that it's finally cold enough to turn up the hot tub, I thought I'd brag on life on tropical island and post some pics of what we were up to on December Fourth this year.  Although not it's not TECHNICALLY winter until the 22nd (or is it the 21st?) I think enough people consider this to be the cold season.
The bucket on the head is just becoming routine, we barely notice it anymore.

Now, we Engelbrechts are by no means "winter people." I grew up on the Gulf Coast, where we had snow flurries once in the seventh grade, but other than that "cold" was upper thirties and low forties.  Nick grew up in Southern Florida, where his "cold" was mid sixties.  When we first started dating, he told me how he'd left Stuart in January to go to boot camp in Illinois in shorts and a tee shirt.  IN JANUARY!!!  Poor guy, I almost died laughing.

Look at Ava's face! She's totally my favorite.

Even in Virginia, it was COLD, but not that cold.  Our only winter ever for either of us was last year, in Connecticut, and let me tell you- that was insane.  I didn't know it could be that cold.  I used to think that cold was cold, when it got to low thirties in Virginia, I figured anything colder would feel pretty much the same way.  WRONGO.  Two degrees?  That's cold.  My dreams of retiring next door to Stephen King in Maine...well, that ain't happening.  Sorry SK, not even the chance of catching a glimpse of you checking your mail is going to lure me back up North.  Not gonna do it.

So yeah.  As much as I hate Guam (and I really don't, I hate the USS Houston, not Guam itself) I gotta say that the weather is a nice fit.  SK, if you're reading this...maybe try Key West.  I'll move next door to you if you move to Key West, I promise.  The sun is unbearable, I don't care what anyone says we are CLOSER to sun here!  But if you stay in the shade (which I always do) it's just perfect.  Perfect perfect perfect.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, Scott (who by the way has been glued to my side for the last four days-literally, he never lets me out of his sight) asked me to take his picture, and then proceeded to "pose" for me.  What a cutie!

And ladies, lock up your daughters: here he is, showing off his "muscles." And if you ask him, he'll tell you that he gets those guns from eating his vegetables.  But that kid hasn't had a vegetable in three years, so I'm not sure why he thinks that.


  1. These made me smile! Ava is GORGEOUS, and the first day of winter is December 21st. I know this because it's my birthday and ALSO the shortest day of the year. How's that for crappy? Not only is my birthday practically sitting on top of Christmas but I actually get less birthDAY than anyone else.

    It's so surprising that I turned out as normal as I did.

  2. I love seeing your kids! We miss them. And y'all. Rowen is too young to remember but Owen pointed out the other day that Ava moved far away. We really like the 633's (wasn't that your house #?)...but they don't have kids and we don't all hang out on the front porches and let our children run wild together anymore. :(

    I only got excited about having a girl once we came up with those 2 names. I have tons a boys names and completely knew what we'd name a boy (Whitman) but we were both at a loss for a girl name, plus I'm kinda scared to raise a little girl, but all that melted away when we decided on these names...I'm such a girl :)

    Enjoy the sun. I sure miss it!