Friday, December 31, 2010

Date Day

 Guess who went on a date today?

 We started at the post office, which I didn't even know was Date Material.  And then we hit the hardware store, which I DEFINITELY didn't think of as a Date Destination.

But my Date did, and before naps, when we were talking about our Date, she said "We had a Date all day! The post office, and the store, and the pedicure, and lunch!!!" I was quite surprised, and then ashamed.  She had been cherishing her time alone with me, and I had simply been running some errands.

She was OBVIOUSLY the cutest person in the little pedicure place, but I'm sure you already guessed that part.  She sat perfectly still while they painted her toes (and fingers) and even waited patiently while they went to work sawing off all the dead skin on her mama's feet.  And I'm sure you can imagine that this took a LONG time.  And she just sat still next to me, soaking it up.

And then we went out to lunch.  At Wendy's.  And she couldn't have been happier.

Then we came home, to our messy house and our naughty boys, and most of her polish chipped off before naptime.  But still.  I think she'll remember.  I hope so.  I hope next time I lose my temper and scream at her for behaving like a five year old, she remembers how much fun we had at the post office, at the hardware store, at Wendy's, and getting our pedicures.  I hope she remembers this day, and decides that maybe I'm not a monster after all.

Although I won't be holding my breath.

PS: My free photoshop trial is over on my mac!!! And I can't bear the thought of going to that horrible pc and editing these pics there, so what you see is straight out of the camera crapola.  Ugh.  But I guess the good news is that I officially love my mac!!! Sigh.  Now to get to work making Nick think that buying photoshop one short year after I bought it last time is not only a good idea, but an absolute necessity...might be sort of hard considering my new (unnecessary) stroller just got here yesterday...

Scrapbooking (An Ode To Nikki)

As expected, this whole Through The Years Album business is taking a LOT longer than I thought it would.  Sigh.  I was so excited, because at a page a year, I really only had to do nine pages.  Five for Ava, three for Scott, and one for Warren.  That's nine, right?  Yes.  And I did ALL the picture templates in one day (a long, long, LONG time ago) and had them printed, and they've just been sitting.  And it's literally just glue the pictures onto some cardstock, then type up a quick journal entry for the facing page.  Easy peasy, no time at all.  Except it's taking FOREVER!!!

BUT, after all that, my WONDERFUL, AMAZING, GENEROUS older sister took the time to go to Hobby Lobby and buy me TONS AND TONS AND TONS of scrapbooking supplies, then box them all up and go to the post office and mail them to me, so I figured that was the kick I needed to get started.  So I got started.  But I still haven't got very far.  AND I'm still only halfway done with the Disney 2008 book, but I swear if I look at one more Disney pic I'm going to lose my mind, so that's on hold.  And our regular old family album? I've done two pages since we moved here.  Well, two and a half.  A page for Ava's gymnastics class, a page for her birthday party, and half a page of our new beach bum lives.  That's it!!! WE'VE BEEN HERE NINE AND A HALF MONTHS!!!

And the thing is, I LOVE to scrapbook! I don't know WHAT my problem is!  Ugh.  Poor time management I guess.  And Daisy...I don't even have a book for her.  And I only have a few pages done in Warren's book, so she'll be on hold for a while I guess.  Sigh. 

But anyway, I have done all three of Scott's pages, so I figured I'd show them off.  Why not, right?  Since he's turning four in a few months and I'll have yet another easy peasy quick page that will probably take me six months to finish, I want to be able to say 'look! it's complete!'

So, look! It's complete!

Year One...

Year One Picture Side

Year One Journal Side

Year Two...
Year Tow Picture Side

Year Two Journal Side

Year Three...

Year Three Picture Side

Year Three Journal Side

Year Three is kind of plain, but I don't know what else to do to spruce it up.  I also don't know why that picture won't center.  Apparently, the impossible has finally happened.  I'm doing this post in the bedroom, on the real computer, and I can't stand it!!! I need my Mac!!!

Did you ever think I'd say that? Me neither.  Wow.  Feels weird.  But it's true, I can barely function on the pc anymore!!!  Weird.  In fact, I now hate this pc so much that I have to quit and get off of it!  It's gross!!  That's so weird!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


A typical conversation in our weirdo household goes a little something like this.

"Hey babe.  Where's Scott?"

"Oh, he's in that cabinet."

"He's in a cabinet?"


"What's he doing?  In a cabinet?"

"I dunno, playing, sleeping, whatever he wants to do."

Yes.  In a cabinet.  My son.  Still think he's a genius Grandma Terri?

Monday, December 27, 2010

Some Pics to Look At Before You Go Shovel Some Snow

Yes, more pics. I just can't get enough of my new layering/clipping mask powers! I'm like a super hero or something!  You know, if there were superheroes who's only powers were basic photoshop elements functions...

Anyway, we figured since it was Dec 27 today, we'd hit the pool.  So naturally, the pool was closed.  But we had just as much fun at the beach!
Now, how could I resist posting this next set? I could literally just bend over and take a bite out of his tiny hiney.  Except that I can no longer bend over.  But you understand what I mean.
The only super power I wish I had was the ability to flip the template over, so that the further away shot of his WHOLE  body could be on the right, and the close up on the left.  But whenever I flip the actual template, it does something to the layers and I can no longer load the images into them properly.  Does anyone have ANY idea what I'm talking about?

For the first time (at least for me) there were actually waves out at Gab Gab today!  And they were pretty serious too, I was a little nervous.  Scott, not so much.  Obviously.

Warren was just a teeny bit more cautious.  Just a little.

Grandma Jane sent these cute little hooded beach towels for Christmas, they're really neat! I've never seen that style before.  But they're nice and small too, so they actually fit into my beach bag.  (I cannot for the life of me understand why no one makes a SMALL beach towel for kids.  They each need their own, but come on, if I wanted to carry three beach towels, I'd need a sea bag! We normally use baby bath towels!!! They're the PERFECT size, but I still feel a little ghetto pulling them out.  Sheesh!)

Warren was the first one in his, and he stood next to me in the back of the van looking absolutely ADORABLE for the longest time.  Until Nick showed up with the camera.  Then he threw a huge hissy fit and took it off.  What a crapface.

So that's what we're doing while the east coast is getting a blizzard and it's snowing down south.  I heard it even stuck in Atlanta, for the first white Christmas since the eighteen hundreds! But who knows if that's a reliable factoid.  Not me.  But it sounds good, doesn't it?

Anyway.  Good thing we're going to HI next, I don't know if I'll ever be able to live in 'seasons' again.  Isn't that crazy? But true.  Tropical living is the way for me.  I just wish there was a Tropical Target or something.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Random Musings the Day After Christmas (Which Make Me Feel Like A Crummy Mother For Multiple Reasons)

Well Nick has duty (every three days, have I mentioned that lately?) so we're on our own over here, which means I'm playing on the computer in an effort of avoid working out.  I'm also trying to avoid finishing off the cupcakes and apple pie from last night, but the computer isn't helping with that as much as you'd think.  Lemme just tell you that I had two cupcakes for breakfast, then sat down to watch A Christmas Story with Ava and continued to fall asleep.  Now, I KNOW that eating crap makes me feel crappy.  I know this! So why, when I'm unwrapping that cupcake, can't I just REMEMBER it?  I mean, is my willpower THAT weak? At my appt last week, when I was up four more pounds, the lady was all "keep exercising and try to remember portion control!" I almost punched her in the face.  I'm tired of exercising and portion control! I'm just sick of it! I'm at one ninety six and I have five weeks left! So even if I COULD keep it to a pound a week (which I most certainly CANNOT) I'll still make it over two hundred before delivery.  Again.  Ugh.

Wow.  I didn't start this off as a rant! Guess I needed to get that out.  And I do plan on working out, Angela talked me into it.  She's my motivational speaker.  Don't want to end up having to order a XXXL when I get my new pajama pants.  They fit all shapes and sizes you know :)

So here's some random pics from the after Christmas high yesterday.  This first one is Ava's foot.  Those are some bling that came in this decorate-your-own-mirror-kit.  That would be MIRROR, but apparently she thought it said FOOT.  Actually, now that I think about it, last time I got a pedicure, I got a little flower on my big toe, with a tiny green bling in the middle.  So she probably wanted that.  Poor baby, I gotta take her with me to get one sometime this week.  Nick, if you're reading this, make it happen.

These are of the kids' table at our Christmas dinner last night.  That's Will in the orange, I don't know where Lee is.  We had Jen and Mike with their two, Will and Chris, and Brandi and Harley with Lee and Easton.  I LOVE putting the leaves in my table! It's like the table from Batman, remember that?

My sweet boy after he got a cupcake.  He's lucky he didn't lose a finger, you gotta fight to get a cupcake when Mama is around.

And my other sweet boy when I asked him to take a picture for me.  Sigh.

This is Scott (obviously) playing with his Daddy and his new playdough.  Want in on a little secret? The DADDY part of this was more fun than the PLAYDOUGH part.

And Warren, playing with the trains.  He ended up awake for the beginning of the big kids' nap, so he had them all to himself.  Which is a lot more fun for him :) And these aren't some of his new Christmas toys, these are just the good old fashioned trains we've had for years.  Naturally.  Sill a super cute collage  though, right?

All right, seriously, I'm going to work out.  After I have that last piece of pie.  Might as well just get it over with, remove the temptation.  That makes sense, right?  RIGHT?!?!?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Pictures!!!

Well over here on the wrong side of the world, Christmas morning has come and gone! Apparently, Ava was up at five thirty, but she and Nick played quietly until the boys got up at six thirty, and they all woke me up.  That's a pretty dangerous mission, but Nick kept them out of my reach until I calmed down and joined  the land of the living.  What can I say, I hate waking up! Yes, even for Christmas.  I know, it's awful!

I was having some pretty serious lighting issues, but I did the best I could.  I had to use my little lens to get and shots, which I HATE, and I didn't want the flash, so I tried to adjust the ISO and white balance to get rid of that horrid yellow cast, and it did, a little, but our WALLS are yellow, so it just never goes away! But in adjusting the ISO and white balance, I got stuck with a super slow shutter speed (I think) and so there's a lot of blur in the shots.  But the point is, we had Christmas, and they loved it, and it was perfect and happy and fun and all that stuff.  The point is NOT the pictures.  Right?


So here are the pics I did manage to capture.

Nick took the last one in this template, of the kids silhouetted against the tree? I really like that one, like, it's frame worthy.  Really nice.  Thanks babe!

Now, when I pick the kids up from school, all the lunchboxes are lined up against the wall, and there's this tin Thomas one that EVERY SINGLE DAY, Warren grabs and tries to take to the van.  Every day! It's so sad when I have to pry it from his chubby little fingers.  Every. Single. Day.  So obviously, that was one of the first things I ordered this season on amazon.

And he was THRILLED! I was having lighting issues, so I couldn't get him actually unwrapping it, but his little face lit up and he squealed and everything, just like I hoped he would.  It was PERFECT.

And he was content with it! He just walked around with it while the big kids finished tearing through their gifts!

Now, this next one I think is super cute, and plan to print it out and use it for a scrapbook page :) I have this super cute pic of Warren from last year, throwing a hissy fit on Thanksgiving.  What kind of mother giggles and grabs the camera when her precious child is having a nervous breakdown on a sacred holiday?

The kind of mother who got knocked up with number four before number one turned five.  That's who!

Crap, when I went to the old post to link it up, I saw the pic and now I just have to post it.  He's so stinkin cute!  And by the way, Nick does not share in my feelings that our children throwing hissy fits is adorable.  I'm telling you, it's an over-worked uterus thing, I swear!

Random Flashback from Nov 2009



And now for the pictures I couldn't figure out how to clip into a template.  These are some of the best ones, so I didn't want them to end up super small.  Actually, I made that last part up.  I just got sick of sitting at the computer when I could have been laying on the couch.

And lastly, the pile of paper.  The Christmas Aftermath.  PLEASE excuse the giant fatty in blue, I tried to edit her out and I just couldn't get it right.  I tried to get her as small as possible.

More importantly, how do I get rid of those numbers? I just noticed that.  Hmm.

Anyway.  That's our GUAMAZING CHRISTMAS! We hope all of ya'll have a wonderful and peaceful day tomorrow and we can't wait to see everyone again!!!  We want to thank ALL the grandparents for all the amazing and generous gifts.  And as a reward if you're still reading (MOMMY!!) we finally decided on the name! Next Christmas, we'll be celebrating with Ava, Scott, Warren, and Daisy June Engelbrecht.  Hooray! Now to just get her out, while Nick is around....

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Pictures Just Keep Coming

Well, Nick made some sort of snarky comment about how my last few posts have been All Warren, All the Time, but gimme a break! When I pull out my camera, the big kids run away screaming, and Warren stays still and cheeses for me! So yeah, I take a lot of pics of Warren.  So sue me! Wait until Baby Girl Engelbrecht gets here! She'll be so little, and immobile...this blog will be so full of pics of her that you'll probably get nauseous.

So anyway, Nick had duty yesterday, so we spent a lot of time outside.  A LOT.  Yet another reason I don't want to move on base.  By the way, the offered us a house. Nine months after moving to Guam, the housing office called to say that they had a house for us.  Thanks guys, way to run an efficient business!  Seriously, nine months? Am I the only one who thinks that that is just more than a LITTLE ridiculous? My friend Erin in HI waited six months, and she actually waited.  Like, in a hotel, while the Navy footed the bill.  Seriously?  This is how the government conducts its business?  Don't even get me started.

So needless to say, when they called (nine months later) to offer us a teeny tiny house with no back yard and no trees to shade what little yard there was, I said "no, but thanks for calling." Sheesh.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, playing outside in our huge, fenced in, fully shaded (albeit welcoming to burglars) backyard.  They were ALL being super cute playing tag, so I got up off my enormous booty (just ask Ava!) and got my camera.  Of course, by this time, the lighting was total crap, but it was still fun.

Apparently tag can be very tiring.  I wouldn't know, I didn't get out of my chair.

Can you see Scott's little tongue poking out?  How friggin cute IS he!!!

I debated posting this one, anticipating Nick's future comments about Too Much Warren, but for me, there's no such thing as Too Much Warren.  He's such a ham! You can't really tell, but the flanking shots are actually him airborne, pumping off the slide.

And because it IS Christmas Eve, even though it's eight in the morning and already in the mid eighties and we'll probably hit the beach this afternoon, I put these last pics in a Christmas template.  Amazingly, it didn't make me feel any more like it's the Christmas season.  Have I mentioned that Guam weather is messing with my mind?

Sorry my kids are so frigging cute ya'll.  I just can't help it!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Photoshop Slash Layering Slash Clipping Mask Addict

I can't stop!

Just Because We Can

Just because we live in Guam, and the ONLY redeeming thing ABOUT Guam is the weather, I thought I'd let ya'll take a peek at us in the pool outside.  Maybe it'll warm you up a little, while you're stuck in the Real World with your Walmart and your quality toilet paper and your motrin and your thirty degree weather.

Now I don't know if I'm happy and gloating or depressed and jealous.

Gingerbread Part Two

Otherwise known as The Funnest Part. 

Guess who's getting some mad photoshop-layering-clipping-mask skillz?  That'd be this lady.  Yeah, I'm awesome.  Be jealous.  I have eight days of my free trial left, then I'm screwed.  So don't be too jealous.