Monday, January 3, 2011


Since I have recently put myself on modified bedrest (the boat is about to leave, and as of now Nick will be going out with them and then flying back a little later-about two days before my section will be scheduled for.  So I've stopped "working out" because I absolutely one hundred percent do NOT want to go into labor- however, if things change and the boat leaves him here, we'll be amping up the "work out" to get Daisy the hell out of my uterus- I'M DONE!!!) I have an extra hour every day.  Add to that the fact that Nick has taken over about ninety seven percent of the housework (that man just does NOT want to do laundry, or he'd get an even hundred!) and the fact that Warren is having some sort of ear infection slash allergy fit slash growth spurt which leaves him sleeping away the days and get get this result: I HAVE TONS OF TIME ON MY HANDS!

Wow.  Did you make it through that paragraph?  Take about a grametical nightmare.  But I'm pretty sure it's correct.  Just difficult to follow.  Anyway.  I've been using my free time to watch a lot of Law and Order and I've been trying to read, but any time I sit down to do either of those fun activities, I fall straight to sleep.  Like, within two minutes.  It's quite pathetic.  And I'm getting PLENTY of sleep at night because a) I go to bed around eight and b) Nick lets me sleep till seven so it's not like I need a nap. So I've been scrapbooking like a madwoman!  And I finally- FINALLY!!!- got Ava's Through The Years album done.  Finally!

Next up, her baby book.  Sigh.

Year One...
Year One Journal Side- how could I NOT add that picture though???
Year One Picture Side

Year Two...

Year Two Journal Side

Year Two Picture Side

Year Three...

Year Three Journal Side- you can't tell, but these papers are BEAUTIFUL!!! I might order more.

Year Three Picture Side

Year Four...
Year Four Journal Side (kind boring, but what else could I add?

Year Four Picture Side (guess who learned some new tricks on the cricut?)

Year Five...

Year Five Journal Side- this was a BLAST bc I had some leftover pieces of a super cute Easter kit I had laying around.  So cute!!!

Year Five Picture Side

So there you go!  Man, I feel like I accomplished so much! Isn't that stupid? I mean, other than me (and Meryl :) ) who cares about my scrapbooking life?  But I hope Meryl's right, and that one day these rotten kids look at these books and remember how much they were loved.  Because let's face it, I'll probably be in a looney bin by then.

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  1. I just hope my kids will send me to the same looney bin, so we can be crazy together!
    Love the pages! Wish I had that kinda talent.