Friday, January 21, 2011

Baby Swing/Flashback Friday/Ode to Melissa H

The other day, I heard a commotion out where we set up the baby swing, so I waddled out to see what was up.  Was it a teeny tiny squishy scrunchy newborn, making herself at home in her baby swing? Of course not.  Sigh.  No, it was my twenty five pound two year old, making himself at home in his old swing.  Seriously.  So I grabbed the camera.  What else do you do in those situations?

Sorry for the nasty look on his face.  He's throwing a fit bc he managed to clip the strap around one of this thighs and he's stuck and his mama is too busy taking pictures to help him out.

And then I just had to compare to when he got into that swing for the very first time!!!

And THEN, since it IS Friday, I had to flash back to all three in that swing for the first time.

Man, I sure did think that Ava was the most beautiful thing I'd ever laid eyes on.  What the heck is wrong with new mothers?  Now, those boys...I could eat them with a spoon, even in retrospect.  But Ava? She was so funny looking! I think because she was three weeks early.  She wasn't fat enough, not filled in enough.  But she's so stunning now that it doesn't even matter.

And let's hear it for Melissa, giver of the Baby Shower Gift that Keeps Going and Going and Going...we are DEFINITELY getting your money's worth out of that swing Mel!


  1. Are you sure that's a picture of Ava??? Definitely doesn't look like her. I can't believe that swing has lasted this long. So glad your kids are still enjoying it!!!

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