Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I am SO bored.  Like, bored OUT OF MY MIND.  What's left of it.  For those of you who don't quite get it, Nick not only got left behind when the boat went out (praise the Lord!) but he's on leave.  He's not like working out at squadron or picking up some slack on another boat- he's on vacation.  So he's here, at home, with us.  So he's doing EVERYTHING, all the housework, all the Mama duties, cooking, he even changed and washed all the sheets yesterday.  And he HATES doing laundry.  So I have NOTHING to do.  Not one single thing.  I have watched approximately nine hundred and seventy two episodes of Law and Order (which is roughly half of the total episodes out there), I have downloaded EVERY SINGLE freebie from the Coffee Shop Blog and played with them for hours on end, I've read the entire stack of books I bought for myself for Chirstmas...I'm just out of things to do.  Normally, I would be spending all my time in a movie theater, but I'm too uncomfortable to sit for an entire movie, I need to be on my side.  I'm pretty sure Daisy is transverse.  Actually, I doubt it, because I think I would look funny, but I just KNOW that that's not her butt or feet in my ribs, it's gotta be something else.  I think she's deformed, maybe she's got three legs or a tentacle or something.

In what I'm assuming is an effort to shelter his beloved children from the wrath of their crazy mother, and perhaps to keep them from thinking I've developed some sort of drug or alcohol problem, Nick has been keeping the kids outside as much as possible.  They had a blast on the bike...for about five minutes.  Then the dogs came out.  At least it was dogs and not chickens, I think my weird kids would have been more scared of the chickens.  Even though I've ONE HUNDRED PERCENT decided not to move on base, the allure of being able to walk or lets the kids ride bikes outside without fear of dogs or chickens attacking is very...alluring.  But it's almost instantly negated by the fact that I wouldn't be able to let them play unsupervised in out completely shaded backyard.  So, win some, lose some.  We should be able to get on base next year in HI without a problem, so we'll just wait till then.

This is them playing in the tent.  Ahh, Engelbrechts.  How I love ya'll.  Happy, for hours, doing somersaults in a tent.  Yes, that's correct.  Somersaults in a tent.  No toys, no tv, no video games, not even Baby Nate for company.  Just...somersaults.  In a tent.  For hours.

In the interest of full disclosure, Scott wasn't completely entertained by the somersaults and the tent.  Notice the fan?  That was enough for Scott.  A fan, with a plug.  Check, and check.  Done.

Phew.  That killed another hour.  Only another three hundred and eight to go!


  1. i sent you something today. nothing really. just some TARGET GOODIES. just pretend you got to shop for them :) should be there friday! yay!

  2. hey nice to meet you, we're in santa rita too :)