Sunday, January 16, 2011

Family Photos

We had our family photos done right after Nick came back before Christmas.  There's this lady in base housing, and EVERYONE uses her.  But, you know me, I have to go against the grain.  She's sort of expensive and seriously, I just wanted to NOT use the person everyone else uses.  So I met this photographer at a craft fair, she had some really amazing prints on display and she was super fun and personable and I just really liked her.  And she was slightly cheaper than the other lady.  So I set it up and we had what I thought was an awesome photo session, out at one of the beaches on base.  And four weeks later (it took her four weeks to do the 'edits' on our shots) she finally had the disk ready.

And I'm so bummed!

Nick likes them and thinks they're cute and blah blah blah, but seriously?  For the money we paid, I expected better.  And for the four weeks of "editing" I expected the pictures to be, oh, I don't know, EDITED!!!  I specifically told her that I wanted the sore edited off of Warren's nose, and she said she would, yet it's STILL THERE!!!

So, here's a sample of what she did.  I mean, yeah, they're nice and I'm glad to finally be in some pictures (although I wish I wasn't quite so LARGE) but I feel ripped off.  And that's just not a fun feeling.  I feel like some of the shots of the kids aren't any better than shots I get of them.  And the editing!  I wanted them to be edited!!!

Hey Angela, remember when we used to laugh because Forest Gump stands on his porch with his hands at his back? JUST LIKE THIS???

I really like this one, except for my size.  And I want it to have some cool photoshop color editing going on.

Best shot of all three kids.  Ahh, Scott.

THIS is what I was after.  ONE picture out of over two hundred that I absolutely LOVE.

Wish she could have edited Scott's pants to not look wet.

This would be one of my favorites if Scott wasn't looking at the camera.  I actually like the ones where no one looks.

Anyone know how to edit my arm to be smaller?  I don't even need muscles, just thinned out a little...


Amazing, but again, looking for some cool photoshop color editing...and a smaller Jenn...

The sore.  Which I can actually take care of, but for what I paid, I shouldn't have to!

And here are the few that she DID edit. I was just expecting more. Do I sound like a brat? I'm sorry. I just expected...more. I mean, yeah, I like to spend money, but I usually make it a point to get QUALITY for my money. You know?

Kind of a weird shot, but doesn't it sort of capture Team Engelbrecht, in all its weirdo glory?

This is the editing I want.  Anyone know how she did this? If she had done this to about twenty other shots, I'd be singing her praises right now.

Same with this one.  It's not just 'converting to black and white' so what is it?
So that's my story for the day.  You'll notice that I haven't mentioned anything about the misery going on in my body right now.  I'm trying VERY hard to stop my nonstop crying about it.  I just want a healthy baby blah blah blah.  That's all I'm saying.  Computer Holly (is that offensive Holly? I think it's funny.  But I'm not exactly of sound mind and body right now.  I know that you actually are a real person, not some computer program, but still.  If it's offensive, I can stop.  Maybe.) says there's a full moon on the 19th and that I'll be put out of my misery then.  See how I'm not mentioning it directly?  Anyway, here's hoping.


  1. Not offended at all! At times, I wish I was in the computer, so I could be a real life Sims character, with an OFF button. I might get more sleep that way.

    I love the pics! You look beautiful!! I thought they were ALL great. But I understand why you're upset.
    I hate being disappointed with a finished product too.

    I love them though. :) My favs, 'cause I know you're wondering, are of you and Ava looking at her, Nick with Dub, Nick with Scott with his hands like Forrest Gump (soooo precious, because you know he was trying to copy N!) and the ones of you and N. They're all so great!!

  2. Well, I love the pics but I can see why you're disappointed. I can get that same sepia and B&W feel on my iphoto. First, EDIT the photo, then EFFECTS, then either SEPIA or B&W (ANTIQUE is cool, too), then try EDGE BLUR in the bottom R corner of EFFECTS. I like to play with fade and boost color too. Also, I'm sure you've found the STRAIGHTEN function...can make a crooked pic perfect! Anyway, I love the one of you and Ava and then the one of y'all all walking together. And honestly, you don't look as big as you prepared everyone for. I know its bigger than you want to be, but you've been pregnant for, like, 5 years. Give yourself a break!