Thursday, January 6, 2011

Flashback Friday

Wow, long time since I did a flashback friday!  These are both from August 2007, when we went down to Stuart to go to Seaworld and see my Grandma Judy.  I have the pic of Ava framed in the hallway, and when I was walking by it I thought "Gee, I should post that, how cute is she!!!"  Then I got all confused because I was looking in our Disney files, but we didn't do Disney then.  I was big on having walkers before we ever tried the Most Magical Place on Earth.  So yeah, there's that story of my life, in case you were interested.

Ava, she must have been what, twenty two months, right? And so adorable I could just die.

And Scott would have been...five months?  Does that look like a five month old? April to August, that's five months, right? His head just looks so big...and my chins, wow.  I gained a lot with Scott.  Well, what I thought was a lot.  A lot compared to Ava.  Nothing compared to what I would gain with Warren and Daisy!  Past Jenn- slow down, don't eat that whopper!!!

Anyway.  As always, Ava always looks just like Ava to me, but Scott?  Honestly? This big ole headed baby looks NOTHING like my beloved son, to me.  Does he to you?
And Past Jenn, seriously? Get an Ergo. You're such a loser.


  1. I love it when you talk to past Jenn.

  2. Yeah, Past Jenn needs a stern talking to. I sort of do it a lot...

  3. Okay so I really think somehow we are related. We really need to check our family lines back in Michigan. Jacob could pass as past Scott's brother. They both have the big blue eyes and big bald heads. Crazy.

  4. Haven't seen you post in a while! Did Daisy perhaps make an early appearance?