Monday, January 24, 2011

Throwing in the Towel

Well, although I like to consider myself a strong, decisive, stand-by-my-word kinda gal, I also like to think I'm semi-rational and can admit when I've been defeated.  So, I've been defeated.  I'm throwing in the towel.  We were robbed.  Again.  For the third (actually, probably for the FOURTH) time.  Last Saturday night.  And the worst part was, I was laying in bed and I heard it happening, I heard them break the window to the shop.  Nick was sleepy and I was antsy (from this NEVERENDING pregnancy) so we blew it off, but what if I had insisted that he go out there and check things out? What if they'd beaten him up, or pushed him down and stepped on his face like in that movie American History X, they 'curbed' that guy?  They lifted the huge, heavy generator OUT THE WINDOW of the shop, then over the fence to our back-neighbor's yard, so Nick figures there were at least three, probably four, guys.  Big guys, strong guys, who must have planned this out at least a little.  Four big strong guys, watching MY HOUSE, planning out how they want to rip me off, while my precious boys sleep fifteen feet away, and my beloved Ava is only another eight feet further than them.

So I quit.  I'm throwing in the towel.  And naturally, right after the last break-in the first week of December (which I didn't blog about because I KNEW that everyone would tell me to move!!!) the housing office called and offered me my choice of the new four bedrooms they'd just completed.  They wanted me to have first dibs since I've been on the list so long.  And then they called again last week- LAST WEEK!!!- to offer me first choice on the NEWEST new ones that were open, and we said no, and asked to be removed from the list, because we love our house and don't want to move.  So Nick had to go down there today and beg for something, anything, anywhere safe where we can live.  And of course all those four bedrooms are gone like the wind, and the only thing she could offer us is a three bedroom duplex.  But what could we do? It was our own stupid fault for staying here after the first two breakins.  These robbers are probably sitting in their house, cooling off with not one but TWO of my generators, laughing at the stupid Americans who keep buying more crap for them to steal.

So we took it, we took a 1300 square foot three bedroom house for our family of five.  Scratch that, family of SIX.  We're basically a family of six now, sort of, right?  We're leaving our 3500 square foot house with the huge, fenced, totally shaded backyard, for at 1300 square foot duplex.  Sigh.  But it's just a year, we'll be moving to Hawaii by this time next year, if not a little sooner.  And we'll get first pick there too, I think, because of the screwed up way the Navy deals with you when you're changing home ports, as opposed to just PCSing.  So, we'll do it for a year, we can do it.  Right?  I mean, we get rid of the playroom.  That sucks.  We'll have to SERIOUSLY downsize on all the toys that we have, but that's good for kids, right?  And they HAVE to learn to clean up after themselves, because they'll basically be playing in the living/dining room, or (I shudder at the thought) their bedroom.

Speaking of bedroom, I haven't broached the subject with Nick yet because I KNOW he's going to say no, but does anyone else think that putting all three kids in one room is just insane?  I mean, they're so little, they barely take up any space at all!!! We've got those bunk beds, and they're full on full, we could have Ava up on top and Scott down on the bottom, and Warren in his crib.  That he now climbs out of, but that's a whole nother post.  And if we did that, we could get rid of Ava's bed (the queen we've had since Charleston) and that could be the playroom.  Hmmm....I'll see what I can do.  Work a little magic with the hubs.  If only I wasn't two hundred and two pounds....

Anyway.  Just wanted to sort through my thoughts on paper.  Always helps.  Speaking of help, have ya'll all read The Help yet?  You remember, it was all the rage a while back, EVERYONE was talking about how awesome it was?  Well, the reason they were ALL talking about it, is because it is THAT good.  I mean, for serious.  GO READ IT.  Have I ever steered you wrong, at least when it comes to books?  And read it before the movie comes out, because they've got Bryce Dallas Howard playing Hilly and I'm just not too confident about THAT casting choice.  And incidentally, I originally wanted to name Daisy Hilly.  Thank God I didn't push it, because after reading that book, I would have had to change it.

All right, I'm rambling.  Had my last OB appointment today!!!  Signed all my consents, baby should be out by eight thirty next Monday morning!!!  HOORAY!!!!  Now, for a change of plans, I do NOT want any more prayers for labor before Monday because I need to be here to move all our stuff into that teeny tiny duplex before Monday.  Sigh.


  1. First, I'm SO sorry about the break in and that you have to move on such short notice. That said, the duplexes aren't awful-we're in one. =) I am surprised, though, that they said all of the single families are spoken for since there are so many places on that side of the neighborhood still empty. I can definitely see how the three bedroom would be a tight fit for six. The bedrooms are pretty small for all of the kids to fit in one, especially if you have full bunk beds, but perhaps you're more creative than I am and can make it work!

    Not that it's much consolation for the loss of a shaded backyard, but they did just build a great playground on your soon-to-be side of the neighborhood that has a sunshade built over it. You have my email if you ever want to meet up over there or go for a walk with the kids once things settle down for you!

  2. I am also so sorry about everything!!! With a new baby about to be here. That's so much to deal with!!!

    growing up, I shared a room with my two sisters (and my baby sister was in the room with my mom). If they will sleep, it seems doable to me. I can understand wanting the play room. And if they basically use the bedroom for sleeping and that's it, well it seems like it would work. Anyway...praying for ya'll.

  3. Girl, my heart hurts for you!! If it makes you feel better, we have been broken into once and an old creepy guy tried to bust the front door down and then smoked a cigarette on the front porch with my 9mm pointed at him until the police arrived. Poor Rudy and our neighbors think I have lost it. I think it is just the 4th baby. I will pray that you have the baby this week! There is only so much a strong woman can take! And girl you are getting your ticket to heaven and a golden trophy at the gate! Give me a call in your "spare" time - ha:) We think of you all often! Erin