Monday, February 14, 2011


 So Daisy's cord FINALLY fell off, and we got to give her a real bath last night!!!  About four days before she was born, I was at the NEX, walking around in the air conditioning and trying to get a grip on reality so that I wouldn't return home and slaughter my family (man, I had the pregnancy-crazies BAD) and I saw the infant bathtub.  And I texted Nick and asked if we still had ours, and he said no.  Stunned silence.  How does a woman having her fourth baby in five years NOT have a bathtub? I mean, does that even sound plausible?

Sigh.  So they only had ONE, so that was the one I bought, and in keeping with Life On Guam, it's a piece of crapola and it leaked all over the table and kitchen during the bath.  Of course it did.

But she survived, and now I've got pictures for her baby book.  Should I ever start scrapbooking again.  Double sigh.

 Ava wasn't as into it as I thought she'd be.  Nine months of being super excited about having a baby around, and I think the reality doesn't quite live up to the hype.  Poor girl.  I'm just gonna assume that once Daisy is a little more than a blob in the swing, Ava will gain renewed interest.  Here's hoping.
"I've been giving infants baths since I was seventeen months old.  LAME-O!"
"Baths are boring.  I like to stay hydrated instead."
"I wish I could be in the tub all by myself like that, no stinky brothers bothering me..."

Scott was pretty into it, because he's pretty into Daisy.  And all my fears about him not handling the move and the baby and the change at school (his teacher had HER baby and is now on maternity leave) and Daddy going back to work? Zilch.  The kid could care less.  He's the most well adjusted person in the house right now!  Guess it just goes to show you.  Show you what, I don't know.  Just thought that was an appropriate time to use that phrase.

She finally did get in on the action when we suggested she move to Warren's chair so she could reach.  In hindsight, that poor girl was probably ITCHING to help, but she was scared her hormone-crazed Mama would yell at her if she moved chairs.  Great.  Now her hormone-crazed Mama is sobbing from the guilt of being a horrible hormone-crazed Mama.

After bath, we went to bed and proceeded to have the worst night in my history as a Mama.  Or at least it sure felt like it.  Daisy was up from twelve to three, just looking around with her big ole wide eyes and crying if I set her down, and in the middle of THAT mess, Warren suddenly started SCREAMING from his room.  It was REALLY strange.  We ran in there (abandoning poor Daisy to scream alone in our room) to see what was going on, and I still have no idea.  But he clung to us with death grips, and every time we tried to set him down, he just screamed like he was being butchered alive, so we all headed back to our room and slept together.  Nick finally got Daisy to sleep around three, he tried to move Warren after HE was sound asleep, and the kid just screamed and screamed and screamed.  So he spent the whole night with us, and Daisy barely slept at all, and MAMA barely slept at all, and it just sucked.  And I know that MOST mama's with new babies have nights like this EVERY night, but not me.  I've NEVER had a night like that, and I do NOT want to do it again.  The newborn stage is for the birds!!!  Get me a nine month old!!!
Then again...

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