Thursday, February 10, 2011

Finishing That Last Post

All right, anyone out there who knows anything about blogging, I need some help.  Every time I try to upload pics, I get a 'server rejected' symbol.  I googled it (yes, I googled- name that movie!!!) and what I came up with is that my picasso album is full and the computer isn't doing its job and automatically starting a new album, which it has always done in the past.

Um, I don't know what a picasso album is.  So someone suggested I convert to the old blogger? So I did that (although I don't know what THAT even means) so I can get a few pics up at a time.  But it's SO TIME CONSUMING!!! I just don't know what else to do.  So, seriously, any suggestions? I love to blog!!! I'm trapped on a (nearly) deserted island with hardly any real friends and nothing else to do!!!  I don't just WANT to blog- I NEED to blog!!!

So here's the rest of the post I started last time.  You remember, Jeff's Pirate Cove, the southside of the island...

Anyway.  Look how cute my former "baby" is!!!
Q-Tip Head needs a haircut...

 Here's Daisy taking in the scenery at Telefofo Bay...doesn't she look thrilled?

I thought once Daisy was here, I'd sort of only wanna snuggle with her, and not my "big" kids, but I was WRONGO!!! I still LOVE to snag a snuggle with those guys!

So, Dad, if you're reading, I think you were talking about this place one day.   It's like a group of natural swimming pools, and there's this big ole cement diving platfrom.  So neat!  Of course, it was a little awkward as we were the ONLY howlies in sight (is that how you spell howlies? I think I saw it haulies once, but that doesn't look right...) but still, it was cool.  I would love to go back and swim one day.  Any Guam girls reading this? Are we like allowed to go swim there? I don't want to offend anyone and have them come over here and rob Nick's NEW air compressor out of the garage...

Of course, he'd rather snag a snuggle with Aunt Chelle :)

And as a final note, I am DEMANDING that Nick start getting his butt behind that camera.  At the rate we're going, I'll die some tragic death in a car wreck (or get beat to death for swimming in the wrong pool!) and the kids will grow up and look in their photo albums and scrap books and assume that they NEVER had a mother.  So Nick, if you're reading this, I'm serious, I need to be in some pictures too! I'm not trying to be selfish, and I'll still take PLENTY of you because you're so friggin cute, but seriously, I'd like to be in a pic or two.  Just a few, for the books.  Thanks babe.


  1. You've filled up your picture capacity! You will need to purchase and unlimited picassa account to be able to add more pictures. Not quite sure how to do that but you might can click on the picassa symbol through blogger to get to your account and go from there!

    Beautiful pictures...we have snow and ice here! :-(

  2. Picasso is a photo sharing site thru Google. I had it for awhile but I hated it. It never worked for me so I deleted it. I just use my Windows Photo Gallery. You can delete it. But make sure your pics are saved. Your kids are beautiful. Congrats on #4. Guam looks beautiful. We had snow here in Alabama last night.