Thursday, February 3, 2011

Life with Daisy

Little did we know, a few hours after I shot these pics of the big kids setting up Daisy's crib on Friday night, that my water was about to break and we were about to start our new lives as a family of six!  Talk about good timing, huh?  Not really, because she actually sleeps in a bassinet in our room (or, you know, in our bed) but still, it's a good story.  We set up her crib and three hours later my water broke.  That's what's going in her baby book.  And it's technically true anyway!!!

Warren was the only one with us Monday when we brought her home from the hospital, and he went straight for her feet as soon as we set her down.  It's like an obsession!

She adjusted quite well the the Famous Swing From Melissa H, as we all knew she would.

Burrito Baby in the bassinet by our bed.  Thus far, her sleeping habits are pretty impressive.  But we're all holding our breath for when she wakes up and really shows us what she's got.  I give her until day ten.

This is Ava and Love, her new baby from Grandma Terri.  Love knocked Baby Nathan off the throne for about thirty six hours, but now he's back and she's in second place.  Sorry Grandma.  But those thirty six hours, Ava was obsessed with her, took her everywhere.  And, obviously, wanted a quick photo shoot.

Notice the wall behind her?  I'm not a HUGE fan of white walls, but AT LEAST IT'S NOT YELLOW!!!!!!

As a special treat (they've been getting a LOT of special treats lately) Nick took the big kids Tuesday to get their bikes!  Can you believe we've never had bikes before?  We obviously couldn't ride bikes in our old neighborhood because of the dogs and chickens and robbers, but we can ride our hearts out here!  Our driveway is pretty steep, so thus far they've only been riding in the actual garage, but Nick did take them to the park one day and Ava rode hers, so that counts.  Just today, Scott became OBSESSED with his bike, he seriously must have ridden for about six hours total.  Just riding around in circles in the garage!  He had a blast.  I love that stinker.
Don't let that sour look on Warren's face fool you.  He got a new ride on train when the kids got their bikes.  He just happens to be throwing a fit in that picture because the big kids are too busy riding their bikes to help him with the jeep and he's not really good at it himself.  Eventually, Ava got in there with him, but by then I'd put the camera down.  Of course.

Ava's still loving to hold Daisy whenever we let her.

And believe it or not, Warren asks to hold her a lot too!
He's way more gentle with her than I would ever have thought possible.  Thankyou Lord.

Today, Nick "let" Ava help change Daisy's diaper.  I really enjoy having my kids so close together, but I can't help but be a teeny bit jealous of people who have an eight or ten year old when they have a new baby.  I mean, the ten year old could probably change a diaper all by herself!  That would be AWESOME.  But I'll work with what I got, I guess.

All right, I debated whether or not to be too embarrassed to post this.  It's my kids, at the edge of the yard, waiting in total excitement for the garbage truck to drive by.  What can I say.  They love garbage trucks. Even Ava ran down to join them when she heard it.

I can't really say we're getting in the swing of things, because things are so jumbled right now.  We're keeping our heads above water, and I guess that's good enough for me.  The big kids are going to school most days (we kept them home today) and Warren is keeping to his schedule as best we can under the circumstances.  Nick is getting up with the baby almost exclusively at night because for some reason I am having a hell of a time recovering.  With all three of the other kids, I was off the narcotics by day three.  Well, with Warren I think I took one or two on day four as well.  But with Daisy, I just can't seem to get my pain under control.  And it's just one side, which sort of makes me nervous, but I trust Dr. No Personality and I just have to assume that she didn't screw me up too much.  I felt pretty good today, so I'm counting on feeling like a normal human being tomorrow.  Fingers crossed!  I need to be able to get up with her at night, because in addition to taking care of that, Nick is also doing EVERYTHING with the big kids, AND finishing unpacking the house.  He's very gracious and smiles kindly and tells me not to worry about a thing, but I know it must be frustrating for him to be doing all the work while I lay in the recliner and cry.  Baby, if you're reading this, I really really really REALLY appreciate it.  And I'm going to feel great soon.  Tomorrow.  I can taste it!

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  1. She is beautiful, just like the other three!