Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Pool

Sorry to those of you in the real world, but here on the other side of the planet, down on the equator, we headed to the pool the other day for a little sunshine.

Daisy was NOT impressed.

To tell you the truth, neither was her mama.  Now, everyone else just LURVS the new pool.  And why wouldn't they, it's a fantastic, huge, gorgeous, multi million dollar endeavor.  My problem? I liked the old pool.  The baby pool was fenced in, so once I closed the gate, my kids were safe, and CORRALLED!  Being corralled is sort of important when the little people outnumber you four to one, especially when deep water in involved.  You know? The new pool has TWO baby areas, a little sunken hot tub type thing, and a gently sloping shelf area in the big pool.  Neither one is fenced, and they're not separeted from each other at all.  So my kids want to run back in forth from one to the other, or the big kids want to be in one while Warren wants the other.  It just sucks.  AND, at the old pool, the lifeguards couldn't see the baby pool, so we could play with toys and eat snacks and just have fun.  At the NEW pool, you can't play with ANYTHING, not even dive toys or kickboards or ANYTHING fun.  I'm just waiting for them to say no goggles.

But you want to know what I REALLY hate about the new pool? And no one else cares, so I have no choice but to complain to my (four) loyal readers?

All that money, all those hundreds of thousands of dollars for this new gym and pool...and the library still uses a card catalogue.  The librarian has to go to the card catalogue to see if they have a certain book when I call ahead, even though I shouldn't bother because they don't have anything that wasn't published at least fifteen years ago.  When I do make the trip, park a hundred yards away, cart my kids through the various construction zones to get to the library to use the card catalogue to check out a book that was published while I was still in junior high, after all that, the librarian has to take the card out of the back and stamp the due date into it.  Stamp the card from the card catalogue.  But there's money to spare for a new pool that we DIDN'T need and I don't like.  I mean, I understand that not everyone likes to read.  BUT COME ON!!!

All right, I'm done.  I know I'm the only person on this ENTIRE island that would rather that money have gone into the library, but whatever.  I don't care.  This is my blog!

But the big kids had a blast, obviously.

And there is a pretty neat splash pad, which the old pool obviously didn't have, so that's actually pretty cool.
I got my tan on, sitting next to the pool.  Scott asked me why I couldn't go in the water.  What do you say to that?  I just said "that's the rules after you have a baby." He seemed satisfied.  I love that kid!


  1. I hate pools that don't contain the the kids area. It sucks. Also, I would have voted for the library too. And WHAT are little kids supposed to do at the pool if they can't play with toys or eat snacks????? What the hell Jenn? What. The. Hell?

  2. I never went to the old pool and thought the new pool was great, but I never thought about the baby area not being contained. And no toys? Seriously?! Ridiculous. And while libraries kind of gross me out(yes, I'm a germaphobe who orders all my books online) it does sound like the base library is in desperate need of a reno!

    Adorable pictures and kids, though!