Saturday, February 5, 2011

So yesterday was my first time alone with more than Daisy. I had about an hour or two with Warren and Daisy. I know, big deal, but I was actually pretty nervous! How can I be a mother of four and be nervous about taking care of her children?!?!  But alas, I was, and since we all know I'm all about the honesty here in blogworld, I figured why pretend about that.

But it went fine.  I'm finally (almost) off the percocet, and I didn't need any yesterday morning, so I wasn't high or asleep, so that's two ahead right off the start block.  Speaking off the percocet, I am STILL sore.  I don't get it.  This is my FOURTH c section, I pretty much know exactly how things are going to go.  I've never been THIS sore, THIS far out.  I mean, she's a week old today, and I had to take one!!! Thank God Libby suggested I cut them in half.  Two years of nursing school and four years of being a nurse (an oncology nurse, who dealt heavily in some pretty serious narcotics) and it never dawned on me to cut them in half!  She was over and I was complaining about how high I felt, so she said "why don't you try half?" DUH!!! I felt so stupid.  But it worked, so whatever.

My point is...I can't really remember.  I guess my point is that I'm glad I never have to do this again, because my stomach feels like someone cut a six inch slit in it and wrenched an eight pound baby out of it.

Anyway, on the famous Morning Where I Was A Real Mother, Daisy literally slept the entire time (in her carseat because I had to drag her everywhere I went because I was terrified that Warren would smush her face or pick her up or something) and Warren just played and played and had a blast.  While I took a shower, he got into Nick's little basket of things he wears with his uniform when he goes to work.

How fricking precious is this kid?!?!?
I mean, these pictures are like the stuff that people dream about when they're in the military and they're pregnant with a little boy.  Minus the messy face.  And the Cars bib.

So I survived the morning, and lived to take even more pictures that afternoon.

I like the procession of these pics.  First he's interested in her headband, then he's looking at her all loving and caring, then he goes in for the feet (again, as usual) and then he gets bored and it more entertained with my new Target reusable bag thingie (thanks Meryl!!!) It's a bag, all folded in on itself, and he knows that there's a bag in there somehow, but he just doesn't quite get it.  In this pic, he's discovering that the little pull thing on the string moves.

Anyone with more than one kid, do you have that weird feeling where one day you've got your baby, all snuggly and tiny and perfect, and then you actually have your new baby, and you go to hold the original "baby" and now he's all big and heavy and all legs and head and it just breaks your heart? Or is that just me? I mean, look at this picture, he's as big as Ava.  I don't understand, eight days ago he was a teeny tiny little baby!!! What happened?!?!?

Going for her feet....

Then there's these two, where Daisy has had ENOUGH of her siblings.  And her mama is too busy trying to fix the white balance on the camera to intervene.
Don't worry, even though it LOOKS like it, she's not actually falling off the chair.  I promise.

So speaking of white balance...any suggestions?  I HATE the way pictures come out with the flash, but without the flash, they're so yellow! So I try all the different white balance settings, but I'm coming up empty.  The entire house has CFL lights, so does that mean I need to use the Fluorescent setting?  And if so, there's seven options of fluorescent!!! How do I know which ones? And I took that class and learned how to manually set it with a piece of white paper...but I forgot.  So, someone help me out here.

And this morning, I walked out of the bedroom and found this on the counter!!!!   It's from the boat wives, isn't it GORGEOUS?!?!?!  To tell you the truth, I didn't even know you could GET flowers in Guam!!!  And ps, Warren is after the balloon.  And he ain't getting it.

All right.  I've barely seen the kids today because they're livin it up with Aunt Chelle (HOORAY!!!) and Nick had to go grocery shopping because with this STUPID right side incision pain I didn't think I could walk around the commissary.  Ugh.  So it's been an amazing day for me!!!

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  1. Hey, sorry I've been MIA lately and haven't had a chance to chat/email/facebook you. I've had enough of being by myself the past few weeks, but I'm finally coming back to "normal" Navy wife life. Does your right side feel like it's ripping and burning when you get up from bed or even sitting for more then five minutes??? If so, that's how I felt. I freaked out that my inside incisions had come undone, so I made an appt with my NP. She actually said it was a deep bruise that hadn't hit the surface yet. And that it would probably take a while for it to feel better. I think it took about another week and a half. I just kept taking strong ibuprophen (sp?) for an extra week. I think it was one in the morning and one at night so I could get up and nurse Jacob. Felt like a loser for using it so long but it helped! Hang in there. Eventually it will go away, it just takes time. Love the pics. Have you guys gotten one of all four kids yet? If so, please email me it. I'm working on my picture frames (very slowly) and I want to add one of you guys. I'll try emailiing this weekend.