Sunday, February 13, 2011

Stunt Doubles?

So, these are my boys.  You read (okay, glance at, then turn the page because it's boring) all these articles in magazines about 'are boys born boyish, or do they learn to do boyish things because their parents teach them boyish things, blah blah blah...' Well, let me assure you that I did NOT teach these boys that it would be fun to be a stunt driver.  Nor did I teach them about guns, or trains, or electric power drills.  So while the experts do their studies and test groups and analyze the genetic code and whatnot, I'll be the first to declare the findings: BOYS ARE BORN KNOWING HOW TO BE BOYS.

And my boys? I got the cutest stinking boys in the world.  Sorry Holly.

And btw, I think Scott has a career as Matt Damon's stunt double for the Bourne Identity movies. Wouldn't that be fun???

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  1. HILARIOUS! And yes, boys are most definitely born that way!! I've got four to prove it!