Sunday, February 20, 2011

Talofofo Falls

disclaimer: TONS of pics, very long post.  Read at your own risk, but if you ARE going to skip it, at least scroll down to see the falls.  You'll be glad you did.  Have I ever steered you wrong?

We finally made it to Talofofo Falls yesterday.  Let me tell you, this was a little piece of Guam at its Guamiest.  The falls were breathtaking and gorgeous and everything, but the park? Ahh, the park.  Let's just say there was a reason we were the ONLY people in that little death trap of a carnival.  But the kids had a blast.  Kids are so dumb.

First up? Bumper cars.  Ugh.  My neck hurts just remembering it.
Ava thought that these bumper cars were the BEST. THING. EVER.

Now, in case you can't tell from her expression, we were actually a little concerned that we'd have to give Ava CPR because she was laughing so hard.  She LOVED those bumper cars!!!

Next, we headed for the teacups.  Against my better judgement, I went on them.  Erph.  I just threw up in my mouth remembering it.  But again, Ava was having a blast.  Not as much fun as the bumper cars, but still a lot of smiles.  I love that kid.

Then the "train." Ahh, the "train." I'm using air quotes, in case you were wondering, because the "train" was a riding lawnmower pulling two platforms with four park benches bolted to them.  In addition to the driver on the lawnmower, there were two guys walking next to us, sort of holding the train and doing everything short of actually pushing.  Seriously.

 While on our "train ride" we saw this most INTERESTING curiosity: Love Land.  Not one hundred percent sure what it is, but hey, anywhere you have to be nineteen to enter sounds sort of fun, right?

NOT in Love Land...

We had to ride these little sky car type things to get to the falls.  Now, everyone knows how scared of heights I am.  You know how people say "oh, I'm not afraid of HEIGHTS, I'm afraid of the FALL."  Well, those people are stupid.  I'm afraid of being up high.  It has nothing to do with the idea of falling.  It's the actual BEING UP HIGH.  So I was freaking out.  But I did it, and man, it was totally worth it!!!

Now, these pictures? They don't show you ANYTHING like what it really was.  It was amazing!  Sort of made Guam worth it.  Almost :)

Now, I have to admit that the hike around and the stairs and the heat was a little rough on my ripped apart abdomen and my hormonally confused body.  But it was worth it, I'm serious!!!

We also hiked down to Yokoi's cave.  For you non Guamies, Yokoi was a Japanese soldier during WWII.  He was hiding out on Guam, and the war ended, and no one told him.  So he kept hiding, in this cave, living off the jungle.  And he kept hiding and hiding, not wanting to be taken prisoner or surrender.  For...wait for it...twenty eight YEARS.  That's my ENTIRE LIFE.  I guess he started with a few other guys, but they died pretty soon into things, and so he was all alone, scared of being taken prisoner, not knowing the war was over. Isn't that HORRIBLE?  So he's a pretty big hero for Japan, so all the tourists I guess want to see the cave.  Only, you can't actually see it.  Sort of a let down.

BUT, the signs...oh, the signs.  They put a smile on my face.  Is that wrong?
Really.  Read it again, nice and slow.  It'll be worth it.  There was one that was even MORE fun, but I couldn't get a good shot.

And after that little detour, we went to the other fall.

And that was our Saturday!  How fun, right? Seriously, it was so pretty there!!!


  1. how awesome! your posts are so funny! miss you guys :)

  2. Soooo, you really didn't check out Love Land??
    And your hair is super cute. I'm going to get mine cut like that.. again.

  3. I've had the misfortune of seeing pictures of love land. It's full of statues of couples in...very "private" positions. Disturbing, and Only On Guam