Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Well she's been here for nearly a week, and I've actually taken tons of pictures, but it's the first time she's made the blog! I just can't keep up with the amount of pictures I've got coming in.  A lot of the blogs I stalk, they post HUNDREDS of pics a day (it seems like) and they also edit EVERY SINGLE PICTURE they take.  I don't get it!  I've finally cracked open that photoshop for dummies book I bought last year, but I still have no skills whatsoever.  So far, I've switched to shooting in RAW because the book said to, but I'm not sure what to do with all these RAW images I have.  So I'm basically back where I started.

But ANYWAY, here's Aunt Chelle, and a glimpse of our new neighborhood.  I'm still not up for walking around the block yet (man, I sure let myself go during this pregnancy!!! I was in such good shape after I had Ava, I could have walked around the block the day after I delivered!) so  she takes the kids out on their bikes a few times a day.

Correction, she takes Ava out on her bike.  Scott for some reason refuses to wear his helmet, so we don't let him take his bike out of the garage.  Although I guess technically he should probably be wearing a hat on that scooter too, don't you think?

We also took Aunt Chelle to Jeff's Pirate Cove, and on the way home, we did some sightseeing on the south end of the island.  It's so beautiful down there, I love to go!!!  A lot of these pics I think I've posted before, but I wanted to get a few of the neighborhoods and houses for my brother in law Andy, he was interested in how things were different down (out?) here.  Different enough for you? :)

And you know how I'm always bitching about the fact that there's no Walgreens here? And how the ONLY place to shop is at the NEX, or to drive up to Andersen for the BX? Well, here's what they have instead of Walgreens.

Some of the scenery along the way...

All right, for some reason every single time I try to upload another pic, it says "server rejected." I can't figure it out.  But I'll take it as a sign that I need to get off the computer.  So, to be continued...

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