Sunday, March 6, 2011

Birthday Bash

My baby is TWO YEARS OLD!!!  I don't so much mind that he's getting older (not a HUGE fan of the itty bitty baby stage, remember, and also...I sort of have an extra.  AND, I've been doing nothing but having itty bitty babies for the past five years, so...) but I DO mind that TWO YEARS HAVE GONE BY SINCE HE WAS BORN!!!  That's what gets me.  I'm also feeling a little guilty that I'm not all mopey and teary eyed and dedicating a post to a loving letter that I write him and all that jazz, so if you want a little of that sappy crap, you can read about the day he was born here and you can see the same story with pictures here.

Oh man.  I read both those posts, and now I AM all mopey and teary eyed!!!

But anyway.  We had his party yesterday.  We sort of told Scott that it was HIS party too, because Nick will be gone most of April, so we won't be able to do a bounce house and stuff like that for Scott.  Poor kid.

Nick was a party pooper and wouldn't wear a hat, so he doesn't get to be in this collage! That'll teach him, right? Thanks to Grandpa Kenny, Mama got to be in a few shots with Warren for his birthday!!!

We had our regular BBQ with a bounce house, that way it's a party for the grownups AND the little guys.  Our new neighbors are finally back in town, so I got to socialize with her (HOORAY FOR NEW FRIENDS!!!) and also a few new people I've met on base.  So it was super fun.  Gotta stock up on all these extra people, get ready for my summer as a single mama of four, you know?
Daisy had a blast.  She later confided in me that it was the most amazing party she's ever been to.  I was honored.

Little bit of slobber all over a cake certainly wasn't gonna stop this mama from eating a few (dozen) pieces.

And I just couldn't resist these pictures.  Bear in mind, this kid has NO idea what the Little Mermaid is, they won't watch full length movies.  He doesn't understand that the Little Mermaid is a princess, and that princesses are for girls.  He just knows that umbrellas are awesome, and when you're not using them as a sword or a bat, you can open them up, and it does neat things to the light.  And it's super fun to twirl!!! So leave him alone, he was having a blast.

Thanks to everyone who came, and to everyone who brought gifts (even though I asked you NOT to!) We had so much fun!!!

Ooh, I had to add this shot of Warren a few hours in.  Exhausted, but having too much fun to call it quits!

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  1. LOVE it! Daisy makes me want to have another baby. QUICK somebody slap the crap out of me!