Friday, March 25, 2011


More about how I had an actual nervous breakdown-complete with tears!!!- at the carnival later.  For now, let's just see the pictures.  March is Chamarro month in Guam, so the kids spent the month learning the history of Guam, the different aspects of Chamarro culture, tons of new Chamarro vocabulary, and just all out having a blast learning that there's more to life than blonde hair and blue eyes.  I know they're probably too young, but I still really and truly hope that they REMEMBER these lessons-that they know that there are TONS of  different ways to live lives, that just because people look and sound differently doesn't MEAN anything, you know?

Anyway, for the end of the month, the school put together a Chamarro Culture Carnival.  All right, I made up that name.  But still.

As usual, Scott was up first.  They always go in order, littles to big, so it's always Scott first.  Well, actually, the whole school came out first and sang this song.  I only had my cell for video, so the video itself is sort of crap, but at least I know how to get that on my computer, as opposed to the dozens of videos stuck in the video camera that I cannot for the LIFE of me get off.

Ahh, as soon as I said it, I got all screwed up, and I can't get the video on.  Either way, it's the whole school, singing the Chamarro song.  It's so cute, I guess at school, they always sing it after they say the Pledge.  So, the kids know it (it's in the Chamarro language) but whenever you ASK them to sing it, they REFUSE to do it! BUT, if you trick them into saying the Pledge, a lot of times they'll slip into the song without realizing it.  So sweet.  Anyway, I'll try to post it later.

So, Scott.  I tried to take today with a grain of salt, considering that last year, at his very first school play EVER, he took one look at me, burst into tears, and cried for the entire performance, and that at both Thanksgiving AND Christmas, he did EXACTLY what he was 'supposed' to do.  That being said, you KNOW how worried I get that the kids will get my social skills.  Remember when I asked Ava who her best friend at preschool in VA was and she told me the teacher? OHHH, the horror.  I cried for WEEKS after that.

But Scott's even worse.  It's easier on ME because he's a boy, so he'll be a guy, and for some reason I feel like it's not the same with guys.  But still, it worries me, when I think about how lonely it is to have the social skills of a rock, that he doesn't seem to socialize very well.  Deep breaths.

His class took the stage, and he took a seat off to the side.  All alone.  But so handsome!

He did, however, do some of the hand motions.  So at least there's that.

He spent a little time trying to rig the raffles for me :) (PS, I didn't win ANYTHING.  Thanks a lot Scott.)

Leaving the stage COMPLETELY at this point.

Then, twice in a row, he jumped in for the action, then jumped back out.  What a strange kid!

And then he just sat back down till it was over.  At which time he ran to the beach and convinced one of the dad's at the grill to give him a hot dog, even though it was about nine thirty and nothing was cooking.  Sigh.

Then it was Ava's turn.  I know you must be so sick of hearing it (actually, I think you're probably just jealous) but she is so beautiful.  I mean, just breathtaking.  Seriously.  I always knew I would think that my kids were cute (even when they're weird looking babies, notsayinganynamesDaisy) but I never expected to have a daughter so stunning that she actually makes me look twice.  Double take.
fifteen minutes before she lost that gorgeous bow.  which I paid a fortune for, by the way.

Warren was driving me absolutely bonkers by this point, hence the lack of tons of pictures.  But I gotta work with what I got.  And what I pictures of my daughter KISSING A BOY!!!

Well, kissing his hand.  BUT STILL!!! What kind of school is this, right? Just kidding.  Sort of.
 It was all part of their dance routine.  And the dance video is the one I figured out how to get onto the computer! Wanna watch? It's not long, give it a go.

All right, it's not that good, she's stuck behind people.  But it's the only one I can get on the computer! Hopefully Nick can figure that out.  And, just in case you were wondering why she disappeared off camera, she was coming to drag me onto the stage to dance with her.  What a sweet girl!

And, by the way, this is the view from the preschool.  Rough life, right?

And, the funnest part of the day? Lucy the carabao showed up for rides!!! And the Engelbrechts DID ride her, all three of them, but I was way to frazzled by that point to still have any idea where my camera was.  Sigh.

So that's the happy parts of the story.  The not-so-happy parts include me having to hold both Daisy and Warren while they both screamed and screamed and screamed.  And then me crying too, and Ms. Judy rushing over to see if she could help, but she can't because the problem is that I have too many kids.  And it's not like she can solve that one, you know?

Here's hoping my hormones are just about leveled out.  I don't know how much more of this I can take!

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