Saturday, March 26, 2011

Daisy June

I feel like I should say something about Daisy June.  I feel like I should spend more time with Daisy June.  I mean, as much as I love to take pictures, and I take hundreds a month...I barely have ANY of her for this post.  It's so embarrassing!

THANK GOD SHE'S AN EASY BABY.  That's probably the most important thing to say.  She is a fantastic baby, and I'm so very very grateful.  For the past week or so, she's been sleeping from ten to seven, and then she takes a bottle at seven and sleeps away another three hours in the car or stroller or swing, depending on the errands of the day.  Thank God.  Even when she was getting up at one and four to eat, she would eat and go back to bed almost immediately.

We did spend a few nights with her in our bed, and truthfully, if she WANTED to sleep with us again, I'd be more than willing to tuck her next to us for some extra snuggle time.  But she seems okay in her crib for now.  She's only a foot away :) We have a crib set up in Ava's room for her, but honestly, I don't plan to have her that far away until she's at least six months, maybe later.  While Nick is gone, she'll definitely be in my room.  Ava's room is too far away!
Yes, I wear a workout style headband 24/7. I'm actually going to get my hair done today.  At long last.  Phew.
She's also doing great so far with naps too.  Mornings are so hectic, and that's been a big issue for me- letting go of that nap.  Ask my own mama- I am a nap NAZI.  Seriously.  With all three of the others, I would rather have had my fingernails pulled than missed their two hour morning naps, in the beds, lights off, noise machines on.  But that's just NOT happening with Daisy June, and I'm trying to accept that.  I'm trying to tell myself as long as she's sleeping and she's happy and it's not ruining your day, you're going to have to just deal with it.  But it's hard ya'll, I'm not gonna lie.  It's hard for my mind to handle.

So anyway, she naps on the way to school and then during my walk, then she usually plays for a while when Warren goes down, then she goes down and I get my shower and everything.  On Tues and Thurs, when we don't go to school, she's been napping in the stroller the whole time we're at swim class, then staying awake during lunch and napping while the big kids nap for about two hours in the afternoon.  Then we usually get one more nap, either long or short depending on how much sleep she's actually gotten, around suppertime.  Once the bigs go down for the night, she plays with Daddy and eats for those final two hours.  And when I say that, I mean she really eats for two hours straight, bottle after bottle after bottle.  Very strange.

She's getting huge, and finally starting to lose that old man look.  She has her two month check next Tuesday, and I'm planning on taking her to get her ears pierced that afternoon.  I may hold off so Nick can go with us, but I'm not waiting very long, so he might have to miss it.  She's developed a strawberry mark or whatever you want to call it right above her right temple, which is sweet now, but I hope it doesn't get too much bigger.  It's a superficial world, whether you're willing to admit it or not, and I don't want her having to deal with a bigger one right on her face like that.  I thank God often that Warren's is on his wrist and not his face.  Those microseconds at his delivery between when Dr. Query say "Oh, he's got a big birthmark" and the attending said "On his arm" were very very scary for me.  Does that make me sound horrible? Of course I would love my child no matter what.  But the rest of the world sucks, and kids are cruel.

She lost most of that gorgeous, dark hair in front.  She's still got a good bit in the back, but she's taken on that distinct Engelbrecht hairline.  Sigh.  I think that she looks a lot like Scott did (one of these days, I'll post side by sides, but certainly not TODAY) but she's got Ava's coloring.  Part of me hopes her eyes stay gray-blue, because they're so beautiful, but part of me hopes they turn hazel, so that Ava's not the only odd man out who doesn't have blue eyes.

She smiles every now and then, usually when Nick is talking to her, but it's not quite on demand yet.  She still has no control over her spindly little arms and chicken legs, and she's constantly flailing about like a seizure patient.  We were super excited those first few weeks because she wasn't spitting up AT ALL, but she's since proved us premature on that one.  She spits up after every single feeding.  It's not as bad as Warren was, but it's about as nasty as Scott.  I'm not interested in medicine yet since she's obviously huge and it doesn't bother her, but if she starts crying all the time like Warren, I refuse to wait like I did with him.  If those soccer moms can get prescriptions for their vicodin addictions off the internet, surely I can find some chewable prevacid to mix in her cereal.

Deep breaths.  Let's cross that bridge when we come to it.  For now, let's just stare at those perfect lips.

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  1. Are y'all planning to call her Daisy June, as a double name?? I love that! I wanted Her Highness to have a double name but it never stuck.
    She's so beautiful. Do you get sick of me saying that?? Well, I have no plans of stopping, because she IS!
    PS. Are you waiting to have her 1 yr portraits made to update her pic in your sidebar?? :)