Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Dub

I don't have anything to say, I just wanted to post this picture.  Granted, my children are all smaller than normal children, but still.  That's my twenty four pound two year old in an infant bouncy seat.  When he gets into it (which is quite often) the back bounces all the way down to the floor.  Warren also likes to take a suck on Daisy's bottles every now and then.  He asked if he could a while ago, and I said yes and handed it to him, assuming that he'd spit it out and cry and make a big deal about how nasty it was, just like Ava and Scott did when I brought home Scott and Warren, respectively.  But nope, not this kid.  He doesn't like, want to drink a full bottle or anything, but he does, occasionally, want a little suck.  Thank God I don't breastfeed :) He also occasionally climbs into the swing, and he frequently climbs into my lap to rock.  While I'm feeding or cuddling with Daisy.  But all in all, considering the changes we've been through in the last seven weeks, I think he's doing AMAZING.

Ava? Not so much.

I also wanted to share a quote that I just read a few days ago.  BTW, the new Jodi Picoult book is only so-so.  I had a hard time believing the characters were falling in and out of love as fast as they were (married, divorced, and remarried within like six months) but it was all right.  Not her best (My Sister's Keeper and 19 Minutes) and certainly not her worst (this crapfest called Picture Perfect that I read and read and read for TWO MONTHS and didn't even get halfway finished!!!) just in the middle.  BUT, one of the characters said something I liked, in response to her daughter crying because the daughter was helpless.

"You're not helpless.  You just need help.  There's a big difference."

I might be paraphrasing a tiny bit, my kindle died before I could look it up and get it perfect.  But still, isn't that nice? I myself don't really have a problem asking for help (as I'm sure any of the boat wives who I call and cry for help REPEATEDLY will be able to tell you) but I know that a lot of people do.  There' s nothing wrong with asking for help!!! If you need help, you need help.  You know? Needing help does NOT make you some helpless loser who can't get her crapola together! It just makes you someone who NEEDS HELP.

What's so wrong with that?

Wow.  I'm so deep.

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  1. ahh that picture is just so cute
    and being small my aaron who is six only weighs 39 pounds lol so i know small as well your little ones are soo cute thanks for writing this blog i love it
    angela c