Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More Pics from Sunday

Warning: Crap ton of pictures. You've been warned.

These were from Sunday, out on our drive around the south end of the island.  We stopped at those natural pools again.
My darling baby is beginning to look more and more like an old man.

That looks like a disaster waiting to happen...

Hopefully Daisy doesn't stay weird looking.  It'll be hard to grow up weird looking with a sister as gorgeous as Ava.
Hmmm, another disaster waiting to happen?

Where's Warren?

Big Sister, explaining something or other to the Little Brothers.
There we go.  They managed to stay dry for about three and a half minutes.

I couldn't resist sticking Daisy's feet in the water. What is WRONG with me?!?!
Well, that wasn't too many pictures.  I'm still feeling SERIOUSLY overwhelmed by pictures!!!  I just don't see how those pretty blogs (like this one) manage to take (and edit!!!) so many pictures!!!

HOWEVER, I did, just today, manage to get up, feed the baby, get the big kids dressed, drive them to school, and make it to the dentist ON TIME.  Ooh, and I took a shower too! It had a lot to do with the fact that Grandpa Kenny took care of breakfast, and took care of the baby and everything while I showered.  And Warren didn't get dressed.  And he stayed home.  Baby steps.  Tomorrow, we ALL have to get out of the house (ON TIME) for Warren's two year check up.

Ugh.  Those boys.  It's three thirty.  They went down at two for naps.  They're STILL playing.  I've been in there twelve times, to spank their hineys.  How do you spell the plural of hiney anyway? Hinies? Who knows.  Either way, I don't think they're going to sleep.  Which means they're gonna be in GREAT moods this evening.  Or they'll fall asleep AT four, five minutes before I go in and wake their hineys up. Which means they'll be in even BETTER moods this evening.  Ava and Daisy are sleeping soundly.  This is why I wanted four girls.

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