Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Pictures

Well, for our second Easter in a row with no Daddy (and a Mama who does NOT do things like dye eggs, arrange hunts, or set up baskets from the Easter Bunny) we started a little late with dying eggs.  On Saturday night.  I cooked all those eggs a few days before, with every intention of getting a jump start on the whole shebang, but hey.  You know how that goes.

I also got a speed flash for my birthday (thanks Grandpa Matt!!!) so I was super excited to use that.  I had a little bit of a hard time, I think because our ceilings are literally twenty feet tall, so I can't really bounce the flash off the ceiling, and the table is pretty far from the walls, so I can't really bounce it off the walls...but I like it.  I think it makes a pretty big difference.

Not sure if it's the flash or the fact that my children are...special...but this is Warren's new face whenever I get the camera out.  Boy LOVES to have his picture taken, but seriously? He thinks this is the look I want to preserve for all eternity?

Fine, you got me.  I totally want to preserve that face for all eternity :)

Ava had a TOTAL blast.

Scott was into it for about three eggs, then he was more interested in mixing the cups and all that jazz.  Surprising, I know.

And we wouldn't be Engelbrechts if we didn't make a royal mess.

And then I did the whole Easter Bunny crapola.  Sigh.  I really am a mother. 

I guess it was worth it :)

After eating all the candy and hunting for all the eggs, Dub needed a break.  

Yes, my two year old uses a paci while he sleeps.  Guess what? So does my FOUR YEAR OLD.  Dare ya to say sumpin.

Then they all sat and watched Shrek.  I think that should be our Easter tradition.  Shrek's just cooky enough to make me feel a little bit less like a Stepford Mom.  
I could NOT for the life of me get that flash to stop bouncing off Ava's basket.  Nor could I get Ava to MOVE her basket. 

Then we headed to our boat picnic.  It was FABULOUS.  Now, I hate the boat being out as much as the next gal, but I LOVE that the wives group- excuse me, we're not supposed to call it that, we have to be PC and call it the Family Readiness Group, gag me- bands together to make things awesome.  Laura and Emily (not spelled right, sorry to anyone who knows her) set it all up with an egg hunt and potluck at the beach and it was a total blast.  I had so much fun!! And I think the kids had a good time too.

Sigh.  This is literally the only picture I took of Junebug on her very first Easter.  What kind of mother am I? Not only did I only get ONE picture, but it was of another Mama taking care of her because four at the beach is too much for me!!!
Thanks Ericka! I won't even be offended if she calls you Mama.

Then we headed down to the shallow part of the beach to round out the day.  Every now and then, I see a tiny sliver of what's good on Guam, and it's GREAT.

 Yes, we had a completely commercialized Easter.  They know Easter is to celebrate Jesus, but I sort of dropped the ball on the whole shebang. Here's hoping I get a chance to do it right.

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