Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Don't Get It

I don't understand how we went from this...

To this.....

In just three short months.

I mean, besides the emotional aspect of my very LAST baby growing up, I don't get the physical aspect. How do they grow THAT FAST? I feel like sometimes if I look at her long enough, I could literally WATCH her get bigger.  Doesn't it hurt? I mean, it's not just that adorable pudge she's growing on her thighs or those nippable jowels, her arms and legs are getting longer too! Oh, Daisy June.  Just stop, I changed my mind, I DO love the baby baby stage.


And yes.  We sleep on our bellies.  Don't tell anyone. I avoid every single other risk factor in the book.  I NEVER smoke, let alone when I'm pregnant.  I don't drink at all either, both while pregnant and not.  She doesn't sleep in my bed (for the most part).  She uses a paci (when I can get her to take it) and I have a ceiling fan AND an old fashioned one in the corner.  No blankets or stuffed animals.  And even though her grunting and moaning wakes me up, I'm keeping her in my room until six months.  So yes, we sleep on our bellies, but I follow every single other rule to the T.  I already agonize about it and I already feel guilty, so please, I'm begging you, don't scold me about it.  Please.

And yes, that's a blue paci.  Gross.

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  1. Brandy & all her children slept on their bellies & they are all fine.