Monday, April 4, 2011

My Baby Is Four

Well, here we are again.  Another birthday.  With four kids, I guess I'll spend the rest of my life dealing with birthdays, right? Thank goodness I have at least one not all bunched in with the rest, or I'd be going insane.  I've got Ava out all by her lonesome at the end of October, but then everything rushes right into Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Then, as soon as you catch your breath, we've got Nick and Daisy at the end of January, Warren at the end of February, and Scott right here at the very beginning of April.  What was I thinking, spacing them like that? Ugh.

I'm not actually that sentimental about it this year.  Does that make me a lousy mother? Girl, the list of things that make me a lousy mother is so long, this barely registers.  It's just that Scott...I don't know.  He's my special guy.  I don't want him to stay a little baby, because he's such a great guy that I want to see what happens with him.  And he's sort of mature (minus the constant whining and crying) so I sort thought he turned four a while ago and was turning five today.  Oops. But if you're interested in that sort of sentimental "oooh, I remember the day he was born!!!" sort of nonsense, you can check out my nervous breakdown and what I remember of his birth here, from his birthday last year.  I'd just moved to this Little Island That Couldn't and was a bit...shall we say...crazy?

Since we JUST had Warren's party and I didn't want to make all of our friends drag themselves on over for yet ANOTHER Team Engelbrecht BBQ, we told Scott that he and Warren were sharing that party (and I even had the foresight to tell him this BEFORE the party!!!) and so today we just did cake and presents as a family.  Well, actually, we did it last night.  You never know when Nick will be getting home from work, so it's best to keep anything you want to make sure about to the weekends.
Check it Out, I Misspelled Birrthday! The Mac underlines anything you misspell....unless you're working in Photoshop. Anyone know how to fix that?

Have you ever seen a kid STOP unwrapping his presents so that he could examine the directions on the back of the mirror you got him for his bike? The completely plain and boring and no-Buzz-Lightyear-In-Sight mirror? Me neither.  Until yesterday.  Ahhh, Scott.  What a guy.

In other news...MY MOM BOUGHT HER PLANE TICKET!!!! She's actually going to come and take care of all these kids so that I can lay on the couch and watch endless hours of tv and read all the books I've got stacked up in my bedroom and go to the movies every night and come home to a clean house and eat meals that she's going to cook- right Mom? Right?

That sound you hear? That's my mama laughing at us.  But who cares, she's coming to visit!!! She'll be here June 10th and you better believe I'm gonna find a countdown calendar to put on the top of this bliggity blog.  Nick is pretty much going to be in and out and then mostly out all of late spring and summer and fall, so I need some help over here!!!

Anyway, Happy Birthday to my Favorite First Son.  I love that little engineer.
Tried to find a picture of Scott with his favorite Mama, but alas-of the four pictures I have of me,  none are with Scott.  HINT HINT NICK!!!

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  1. Happy birthday, Scott! Rowen definitely stops opening presents to examine all of the particulars, so we feel ya on that one. I am a teeny bit uncomfortable, but not for the obvious reasons...I take my boards in exactly 5 days so I'm a little ready to have this child and try to recoop my body to be able to tolerate a seated position for 8 hrs straight-yikes! We say Rowen is excited about Harper, but who really knows...he's excited that he's getting a gift from her when she's born (a digital camera) so that's what he's looking forward to. Yes! Harper's room is our guest room, the front room. The crib is Rowen's, a regular sized one. Good call though, on the room!