Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ava's Graduation

Well Ava graduated from the Greatest Preschool Known To Mankind on Saturday.  It was everything you'd think of if you imagined a tear filled cliche with dozens of teeny kiddos running around in teeny caps and gowns.  In other words MAGNIFICENT.

I made it through the introduction.  They tried to get us started up during the slideshow presentation, but Holly had already warned me that they'd play the Green Day graduation song (my class song, isn't that weird?) and the Toy Story song, so I was already prepped and ready for that bullet.  Dodged it like a champ.  Then I tuned out the introduction because he read some sort of poem, and I KNEW that that would get me, so I just didn't listen.  Then the kids started walking in.

And they played that damned Pomp and Circumstance.

Who the hell can stand a chance against Pomp and Circumstance? NO ONE!!! If anyone tells you she can, she's a LIAR!

Best part? Ava doesn't have to suffer the disgrace of being absolutely LAST in any sort of formal, alphabetical setting.  That was the WORST part of being a Zandee!  She was the third to start down and I was a goner before she even got started.

I pulled it together during the Pledge and while they sang a few songs...

And Ava quickly lost interest.  And her cap.

Scott didn't think it was very thrilling either. 
What? I thought it'd seem less creepy if I smiled...

When she got her diploma and I was STILL dry eyed (mostly) I decided to announce myself the victor.  Mama one, graduation ceremony zero!

BUT...just when the last kid got his diploma, they all stood up.  And someone cued that dang old Vitamin C song, Graduation (Friends Forever.) You know the one I'm talking about.  So I IMMEDIATELY get choked up, and then?!?! THEN?!?!? The kids all start hugging each other as they walk out together!!!

For crying out LOUD people!!

After that, I just gave up.  Poor Ava got upset because she thought I was upset, but I guess Nick took care of her, I have no idea.  I was too busy trying to stop thinking about her driving, going to prom, and getting married.

This is our BELOVED Ms. Judy, her  teacher.

And her beloved daddy, who pulled in for a quick visit, just in the nick of time...

And I can't really say anything else because I'm crying again.  Except sorry that the pictures suck, I had the wrong lens and by the time I realized it, it was too late to go back.

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  1. Adorable! I can understand why it brought you to tears!