Monday, May 23, 2011

The Black Hole that is Pinterest

Have ya'll got onto this pinterest thingie yet? Let me just start by saying that I firmly believe that there is someone, somewhere (probably a girl I laughed at too much in high school) who is trying to destroy my life.  She's trying to think up new and inventive ways to make my children hate me, my husband divorce me for a thinner, more productive girl with longer hair and bluer eyes, she's trying to make me fat and depressed from lack of human interaction, with a backache right between my shoulder blades from hunching over the computer.  She's probably some sort of terrorist.

Well, she has truly outdone herself this time.  I discovered pinterest at five thirty on Sunday morning, after being rudely awakened by my hungry children (in hindsight, this terrorist is probably also responsible for all their misbehavior as well!) and throwing some fruit loops their way (I refuse to spell it FROOT LOOPS).  I'd heard about it, so I checked it out.  And I sat here until after eight.

It's addicting, to say the least.  The very very least.

So pinterest led me here where I whipped out my credit card to order these nifty little chore charts.  They're SUPER cute, and only five bucks! For a shopping addict, that is a TOTAL steal! But alas, the more I looked at them, the less excited I became.  It appears they're a jpg, or at best a png.  Which, even though I know NOTHING about computers, I do know that that means it's not a psd file.  So you can't add stuff, swap out backgrounds or embellishments or ANYTHING fun like that.  So then I was bummed and was about to start spending a few hours scouring the internet for a psd version of a chore chart.

Um, hello, McFly! It's an eight by ten with a background and a grid.  It's not even worth a measly five dollars, let alone HOURS searching for it on the internet!

So, I made my own!!!

Instead of DOING any chores, or even teaching my kids to do some chores for themselves, I sat around and created these.

Which, let's be honest, was WAY more fun than doing chores.

So now I've got these fantastic grids and Ava found some stickers for the boxes and...we can't think of any chores to fill them in.  Clothes in the hamper and dishes in the sink, that's all I came up with.  Pick up toys sounds good, but they can't handle that.  Rather, I can't handle the screaming match that comes with that.  They can't reach the counters, so they can't unload dishes.  Or take out the trash, although Scott does bring the big can up on Thursdays.

Any suggestions? And I need suggestions for rewards.  Alls (yes, alls) I got for that is ten stickers gets you a soda.  Which is a stupid reward because they get soda all the time (diet, I'm one of those moms, don't tell my Aunt Lynn! But I'm not going to buy regular soda for them, that's dumb) but that's what Ava really wanted.

So, chores and rewards.  Hit me, I'm ready.


  1. These are super cute!! How did you make them?

  2. Making beds, and wiping down the bathroom. Sounds gross, but you'd be surprised how well they can take a lysol wipe and wipe down the floors, sinks, countertops and tub. It's not perfect, but it does get the pee smell out. What about helping fold clothes? Mine obviously don't do this, but I have a friend who starts hers folding clothes before they can walk and they also put their own clothes away. I really need to career shadow her....
    Oh, and will you make charts for mine?? You know I'm too stupid to do it.
    As for rewards-- We're not into giving an allowance. Whatever if others want to, but last time I checked, I don't get paid to wipe their butts and wash their clothes. So I'm not paying them to do crap. But, this summer, all the fun things that cost money are going to be earned by doing chores. So maybe going to see a movie or going to the inflatable jumping place, etc. Just thought of another chore-- helping Dub out. Seriously, my big kids LOVE to help out with the little ones. And the littles love it too, usually. Make one of Ava's be to potty train Dub. She might surprise you.

  3. Thought of a couple more..
    Instead of "picking up toys" as a general chore, what about breaking it down to groups like Ava is in charge of putting books on the bookshelf, Scott in charge of putting puzzles back together, etc. When we do our cardio clean (where we run around and clean as fast as we can with the time set for 20 minutes) we always assign jobs before hand. So L knows she's in charge of picking up all the shoes and putting them with their mates in the cubby. And J knows he's supposed to pick up all the trash. T is to run around and fold all the blankets and pick up pillows, etc. Hope any of that helps!