Saturday, May 14, 2011


Well, I think we all remember how pissed I was the last time we had the kids' pictures done.  So this time, I was a little apprehensive and I didn't really even WANT to do it again, but it had to be done.  Daisy is turning into a giant, and I'd like to have a least one professional photograph of her as a newborn.  And even the big kids are all changing so much every day.  I think it's all the vitamin D we get out here, I think that makes you grow like weeds or something.  I made that up.

ANYWAY, a long long time ago, I took a photography class up at Andersen Air Force Base.  The Navy doesn't do fun things like photography classes or craft days or anything for families at all EVER.  So when you want to do the things that you see on Army Wives or read about in Good Housekeeping, you have to find an Air Force Base.  Yes, the Navy pays Nick a lot of money for what he does, but as far as taking care of the ones left behind, the Air Force just can't be beat.  I've known that my entire life, and trust me, I tried to join the Air Force, I really did.  But the way their nursing scholarship worked was you paid for your freshman year up front and if you were still going strong, they picked up the final three.  What?!?! Who out there desperate enough to be taking these scholarships has the money for a year of school? I mean, that's the POINT of the scholarship!!!

So anyway, this class.  The teacher was the amazing Ivy and I knew that she would be the one I needed to get these shots.  So I finally got a hold of her, set it up, tricked Libby into going with me to help with all the kids, and off we went, to Asan Beach Park, where I like to walk.

And ya'll.  She blew me away.  Blew. Me. Away.  Everything I ever imagined or hoped that a photo session could be, she was a thousand times better.  She stayed out there for two hours, patiently coaxing the perfect shots out of my naughty kids.  Even Scott!!!

She gave me 76 pictures.  I tried to not post them all, but it wasn't working.  So I tried to combine as many as I could so that it would be slightly less overwhelming, but it broke my heart to shrink my babies down so small, so that didn't work for every shot.  So take a deep breath and get prepared to be blown away.
Now, I didn't want to be in any of the shots.  I wasn't even wearing lipstick!!! But I made the mistake of coming to check on how things were going instead of just letting her do her thang, and as soon as Scott noticed me, he was done.  So this was the ONLY way to get a shot of all four.  And believe me, she tried EVERYTHING.  Scott just wasn't having it.  That boy is going to be the end of me, I know that without a doubt.

For anyone who gets confused (myself included) Scott is the one in the darker argyle vest, and Warren is the the one in the solid, lighter colored vest.  Just so you know :)


Here's some of the ones I just couldn't bear to shrink into those frames.

A picture of Scott where he doesn't look like a serial killer? Yes please!
No longer a serial killer, but always a muscle man.  ALWAYS.

And now, for the moment we've all been waiting for...
this is the shot I had framed. good choice? and the headband wasn't even mine!!!

Well, it took me a little over five years, but I finally got TWO SISTERS to gaze at.  I just love it.  Seriously, when they told me Scott was a boy, this is what I was grieving for.  I wanted this SO BADLY.

But I guess sisters and brothers can be pretty fun too :)

I don't know how she tricked me into these shots.  Ugh.

Let's start praying for his wife RIGHT NOW please. 


 The end.  On this day, I don't regret having so many kids so close together one teeny tiny little bit.


  1. WOW!! Gorgeous pics of gorgeous kids!!

  2. Amazing. Great shots of the kids. Can't believe how big Daisy June is already. And when did Ava grow up into a little girl??? Beautiful.

  3. love it! because of your usual stream of self-depricating comments, i tend to forget how awesome you look, so i'm glad you were in those pics, because it reminded me. seriously? you've had 4 human beings grow for about a year in your body and then fight their way out? geez, gimme a break--you look awesome!