Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Weight Check Wednesday

One eighty.  One eighty! That's two pounds, and I know I should be happy, and I am, a little, but I feel like the one seventies are standing across the street, pointing at me and laughing and saying "You? You think YOU are gonna come hang out with US? Never gonna happen fatty!"  That's what I feel like, seriously.

I was really good this week, so good that I thought I might lose three pounds.  Yes, I went to Burger King and had a whopper and large fries and I ate every single bite.  BUT I tracked it, I tracked every single bite I ate the entire week, down to the three starburst I sneaked one day when the kids were all crying at the same time.  I wasn't going to track them, and then the next day I went back and did.  I came down with two extra points to spare.  That's not very many.  And I only 'worked out' five days because I couldn't figure out how to efx with Daisy in my room on Saturday, and then on Monday I just had a really really crappy day and even though I thought it might make me feel better to do it, it was after ten by the time I could actually get up there.  And I was pretty tired, so I blew that off too.

So down two pounds this week.  Wedding rings still won't fit.  They'll fit down over the knuckle, but then I've got like muffin top spilling over the top.  Not very attractive.  And even if I were to wear them like that, my finger turns blue and gets really cold after about ten minutes.  Not that I tried it or anything.

Still in full on maternity wear.  That's not exactly true, I have two pairs of non-maternity pajama pants that I wear a LOT, a few loose tops from after I had Warren, and I do have two pairs of pants I got on sale at Lane Bryant online right after I had Junebug.  I suppose the smart thing would be to buy a few more, since I'm obviously going to be bigger than I thought/wanted for a while longer, but they're so expensive!!! So I'm going to just keep it going with the maternity pants.  I mean it's not like I even get dressed that often anyway.

Once I get to the one seventies, I'm buying these cute ballet flats at Gap I've wanted for MONTHS, and once I get to the one sixties, I'll buy some clothes.  But between now and then, it'll be maternity clothes until I can get into my ugly Post Warren clothes.  Ugh.

So the takehome lesson for the day? My old Weight Watchers leader used to say it every single week.  "If you work the plan a little (with regards to actually tracking what you eat and following the Good Health Guidelines) you lose a little weight.  If you work the plan a lot, you lose a lot of weight."  I wrote down every single bite I took, and I lost two pounds.  Which is EXACTLY what Weight Watchers advertises as the appropriate weight loss per week.  So I'm pretty stoked!

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  1. I think two pounds is great!! And I think you look great in the above pictures!!