Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Weight Check Wednesday

Sup suckers over there on the one eighties side of the street? That's right, I'm over here in the ONE SEVENTIES!!! HOORAY!  Down one point five for a grand total of one hundred seventy eight and one half pounds.

Hey, Past Jenn, sitting there in high school eating another snicker's bar and crying because you weigh one twenty.  Ever think you'd be celebrating the fact that you weigh as much as your husband?  Life is about to drastically change for you, Past Jenn.  Brace yourself.

HOWEVER, even though one seventy eight point five is so gross and so fat and SO MUCH MORE than I  want to weigh, it's a lot less than one eighty nine, which is where I started this time, so WHATEVER!!! hey, it's ten pounds!  If I weren't stuck on this horrible island and got to go to weight watchers meetings like a civilized person, they'd be all throwing me a party and giving me stickers for my books.  Weight watchers meetings are the BEST.

What's that line in Meet the Fockers, where Jack Burns is saying how pathetic it is that they celebrate mediocre accomplishments? Like Greg's fifth place trophies? Well, Jack Burns is WRONG.  I'm so excited to be in the one seventies that I literally cannot stop smiling.

My goal was to only be in the one seventies till mid to late June, then I'd be crossing over to the one sixties.  And seriously, the one sixties is so close to my goal that I'll be able to taste it.

I say "was" because for some reason (lack of willpower) I got home from drop off this morning and since I was hungry and didn't feel like making a smoothie or eating an apple or even grabbing a granola bar...I cut the end off a tube of chocolate chip cookie dough and ate that instead.  Nineteen of my twenty nine points, gone, just like that.

What an idiot.

But man, it was SO GOOD.

Let's get on a funner (more fun?) topic: my adorable chunky smiley baby.  She smiles all the time now, but I haven't really been taking any pictures.  So the other day, she's all smiley and cooing and adorable, so I get the camera out.

And this is what I get.

She's practicing Scott's honed 'I'm going to be a serial killer' stare.

Daisy June.  You KNOW this isn't the look I'm going for!

So I had to like hold the camera back over my shoulder so I could look at her and make faces and baby talk.  I got a TON of smiles...but in most of them, all that showed up in the pics was her forehead or an ear.  Seriously?

I know it looks like she trying to start crying, but she's not.  Honest.

So, crappy shots, but you get the gist of the story.  My littlest little is truly a happy baby.  Thank God.  I thank Him every single day that Daisy is so so easy going and good natured.  Oh, do I ever.  I wouldn't be surviving over here if she wasn't, I really wouldn't.


  1. GO GIRL!!! You have major cajones for posting how much you weigh. I can't even bear to speak the numbers out loud. But when I lose all my weight I will tell you where I started. Which may or may not be close to where you are now. And I've lost 15.5 lbs since January. So I may be where you are fixing to be. Maybe. But I'm can't say the numbers. Can't.

  2. Ten lbs lost is great!! Congrats!!