Friday, June 3, 2011

Five Minute Friday

Two of my favorite bloggers (here and here) both started doing this Five Minute Friday.  It was weird, because as far as I can tell, these women have NOTHING to do with each other- one lives in Oregon and one lives in Georgia (or maybe Alabama, I can't exactly remember.) But then again, I live in Guam, and now I'm doing it, so who knows.  Anyway, if ya'll don't already follow the Gypsy Mama, it's time to start. She has the same beautiful, flowing style as that darn Kelle Hampton, but it's a thousand times better because she doesn't try to make you feel bad about yourself and she's just a way better writer.

Anyway.  The point is, she gives you a prompt and you write for five minutes.  So I finally did it and it wasn't exactly what I thought I would write about, but I guess that's the point, right? So here we go.

The prompt: EVERYDAY

Everyday.  Everyday.  Isn’t that a Dave Matthews song? I can’t remember.  I don’t really get all the Dave Matthews hype.  Gosh I hope my friend Tanya doesn’t read this- she is a DMB fanatic.  Aren’t they all though? I’ve never heard of someone who just sort of could take DMB or leave them.  You’re either a die hard fanatic, or you hate them.  I guess I don’t really hate them, I just don’t think they’re that amazing.  This lady Tanya though, I guess she really does.  She has a little baby named Morgan who used to go to school with Ava.  I met Morgan before I met Tanya, and even though Morgan’s name is NOT Morgan Morgan, I am constantly thinking that Tanya’s name is Tanya Morgan.  It’s not.  I used her as a contact at school and even filled it out Tanya Morgan.  The director caught me and asked me if she was who I meant.  I’m such a moron.

Everyday.  I feel like we’re supposed to be saying profound things, not talking about Morgan Morgan and the DMB.  But now that I’ve said EVERYDAY a few times in my head, it’s making me think of my tenth grade geometry teacher, this CRAZY lady named Ms. Cadney.  I bet her name was NOT Cadney Cadney.  She used to just be so weird.  Crazy.  She would talk about herself in the third person.  And she would say weird things like “You need to bring your calculator every what? EVERY DAY.” Except she didn’t pronounce it EVERY DAY, it was more like EVER DAAAAH.  It was weird.  I’m pretty sure I had that class with Angela.  I swore never to return to the hell that was my experience in Biloxi, but the prospect of getting to see Angela EVERY DAY is so tempting that I think about it sometimes.  I had such a hard hard time during junior high and high school, I just hated it, I hated everything.  But I love her, and I loved her then, so it’s tempting.

Just not tempting enough.

Everyday I say I’m going to hang up some new pictures, and I never do.  I still have pictures of babies Ava and Scott up.  Nothing

Oops.  Five minutes.  That was weird!

There you go, my very first five minute Friday! It was fun! It's sort of hard to link up to anyone nowadays since my days start fourteen hours before the rest of the world, but she must have hers done ahead of time and set to go right at midnight or something, because it's always ready for me while it's still actually Friday here.  So that's cool.  Anyway.  Later skaters. Try five minute Fridays, it's fun!

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  1. OH, Ms. CAHD-NEY! You had me cracking up. That's exactly what she was like! And she used to eat potato chips at her desk (she was not the most dainty eater either - imagine that!)