Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Flight

Well, I've tried to think of a way to convey exactly how AWESOME that flight around the island was, and I just can't do it.  It's impossible.  And I like a good writing challenge! It doesn't help that the pictures don't do it justice either.  As amazing as Guam looks in these pics, it was literally a thousand times more beautiful in person.  It really was.

And also? We took two hundred and sixty eight pictures on the forty five minute flight.  Yup. I whittled it down to a hundred and four, and then even further to cram them all on here.  It was HARD.

So, let's start.  And, if you're not interested in an ariel tour of the Little Island That Could, you might want to skip to the next blog in your feed reader.  I'm just sayin.
Speaks for itself- the place, and the plane.  At this point, I was terrified and throwing up in my mouth.

Sorry for the crappy shots, this was my cell phone since we had the telephoto lens and the plane was a little...little.

So these are mostly from leaving the airport and heading west to get over the water.  I calmed down almost immediatly (the pilot was AMAZING, if you ever do this, make SURE you get him, his name is David) and was literally breathless at these views. The third one on the top shelf is Two Lover's Point, to give any Guammies reading this a little perspective.  The bottom shelf is over the base.

I couldn't get my bearings over this spot, but it's right before Gab Gab.  You can see Ava's new school to the right in the middle, and I think all the water on the left is the pier.  But I don't really know.

 And this is Gab Gab! Isn't that cool?!?!?! For those of you stateside, let me just say something.  It LOOKS like there's blue water, then tons of sand, then the trees, then the road.  What is ACTUALLY is is dark blue water, crystal clear shallow water over rocks and sand where your kids can play and play and touch with their cute little heads above the water so they can breathe and yell at each other, then three feet of actual sand, trees, road.  AH-MAY-ZING.

Then, it started to get super fun.  The pilot said he'd fly us over our house, and then told me to call my mama and have her come out!!! We didn't actually SEE her and Warren, but when we went through the pictures, we saw her plain as day! Well, she's a little blurry.  You're Blursila!! Name that quote.


Then we kept going, all the way to the tip and back up to the airport.  It was truly one of the most amazing things I've ever done.  And not scary at ALL!!!
This made me think of that old book, the Old Man and the Sea? He's not actually out in the middle of nowhere, but doesn't it look like he is?!?!
Not sure where this is, but isn't it gorgeous?!?!

I like this because it's the endless ocean, and at the top is the wing of the plane.  Sort of neat.

Apparently, this is Leo Palace.  If you are reading this and you LIVE at Leo Palace, please invite me over.  I'll only bring the baby so we won't be too much trouble.  Please.

 This is one of my favorite shots of the trip.  This is the Inarajan Pools, my initial plan was to link this with the post where we spent the day there with Grandpa Kenny, but I can't find it.  Seeing it from's just so cool!!! It's hard to explain, so take my word for it.  It. Was. Awesome.

So that's my plug.  If you live on Guam and you can afford it, take this tour.  TAKE THIS TOUR. It was worth every penny!  It was so cool, it really really was.


  1. how cool!! the pics are absolutely beautiful!!

  2. I didn't realize (sad after 2 1/2 years here!) that there is an aerial tour of the island. Must do that sometime in the next 7 weeks before we *sniff sniff* depart. I know from your blog this hasn't been much of a happy place for you but it's the first base in the last decade that's been truly a 'home' for our family. The "unknown" picture appears to be one of the southern end areas...possibly Talofofo or Ipan but wherever it is, it's STUNNING...great pictures! Do you know if they let children fly?