Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Guess who got to talk to their Daddy?!?!?! Apparently he's in port somewhere or another (he mumbles when he talks about boring things) and so when he has time, he uses something or another on his phone and like video talks with the kids.  Remember when we were little and like video phone calls were like this great fun made up future thing that was going to be SO AWESOME?  I guess it is pretty awesome though.  Anyway.  That photo just happened to be in the same folder, so I stuck it up there for ya.  Sorry it's so grainy.  My mom's camera is...different.

And now for the real story...today we went to Tarza Water Park.  Heard of it? Now, statesiders, I don't need to hear about how WONDERFUL the waterparks ya'll have been visiting are.  I get it, trust me.  But in Guam...you have to sort of lower your expectations.  For instance, the 'zoo' has two deer and a family of bunny rabbits.  So by the time I finally made it to Tarza, I was blown away! I thought it was FANTASTIC!!!

And my kids.  I'm getting choked up just thinking about it.  Robin, I think I'm starting to get a teensy glimpse of that beautiful technicolor future you talk about. They were SO WELL BEHAVED.  Independent, obedient, sweet to each other...it was like living in a dream.  It really was.

For instance? Sure, glad you asked.  This is a picture of Warren.  I took this picture while I was floating in a pool with my sunglasses on, lazily chatting with my mother.  Warren is following Ava and Scott up ninety seven flights of stairs leading to these little slides.  Then he's going to get on a slide and slide down to me, but he doesn't even need me to catch him.  I just floated around so the lifeguards wouldn't kick us out.

Ahh.  Remembering it was almost as good as living it :)
Look at my sweet babies on those slides.  No one even threw a fit when I strapped them into those lifejackets, and Warren typically HATES those things.  All three stayed in them all day, not a single weird.  It's like my kids were replaced by pod people.

And then you know Engelbrechts.  Gotta eat :)

Look at my little Dub in that tube.  Have I mentioned how amazing they were all day?!?!

Then, when we couldn't go up those steps one more time, we hit the lazy river.  And found this little cutout with no current.  It was like a tiny little private pool!!!

Warren didn't make it much further than that.

Now, I have to make a confession.  The fact that Junebug was at home probably had a lot to do with my kids' amazing behavior.  I called S**** last week because I was concerned about Daisy being out in the sun all day.  I felt really guilty, until we got there.  If I'd brought her, the big kids wouldn't have been able to do any of the big slides.  My mom would have had to stay by the lazy river with the baby, and I needed her at the ends of the slides in case one of the kids tipped out.  So it ended up being perfect.  And S**** cleaned the house, Daisy had two great naps, and I secured her for the Harry Potter preview!!!  Hooray! And don't even bother asking for her number.  I don't even trust you enough to give you her name!!

And PS: tons of kids in tons of pools all day.  Never had to close it down for a poop problem.  MWR, take lessons.  It's not rocket science.  The women and children left behind while their husbands and daddies are out defending freedom for months at a time shouldn't have to spend fifty three dollars to spend a few hours in a pool on the hottest Naval base in the universe.  It ain't right people.  It is NOT RIGHT.


  1. Ha ha...AMEN to thumbing MWR! I'm so glad someone else finally agrees with me about them!

    Tarza is great fun, looks like your crew really enjoyed it!

  2. I wanna go!!
    Love the pics but especially the one of y'all talking to Nickel Pickle. So sweet.

  3. AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I think it's hilarious that you are protecting your babysitter's identity!! I do the same thing! And HOOOOOORAY! for big kids!!! I've been behind on my blog reading and I'm just catching up but YAY!!!!