Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Weight Check Wednesday

Down two pounds! AND, since I didn't post last Wednesday, I ALSO lost half a pound last week!!! I'm actually a little tempted to think that perhaps my scale might be a little broken.  We were SO busy when my dad was here, I never had a chance to work out, and I sort of just ate anything that I could grab on the run.  So I guess if the scale IS in working order, maybe I lost because I didn't sit down for eleven days? Who knows.

Anyway.  That leaves me with eight more pounds to get to my Fifteen Pounds Gone By The End of Summer goal. I really really think I can do it, I really do.  So.  Eight pounds in six weeks.  I need to lose MORE than a pound a week, and not gain AT ALL.  Whoa.  Actually counting out the days and writing it down seems really really tough.  How did I get behind? I don't know.  Fingers crossed.  I started Phase Two of my Get Your Body Back Workout from this book, have you ever seen it?

Let me tell you, it says something like "thousands of exercises, hundreds of workouts" or something like that and it is TOTALLY true.  TONS of different exercises.  Anything you've ever heard of!

Well, my intention was to put a picture of the book up there, but it's not working and I don't have the patience right now to figure it out.

Oh, and on another note? My mom watched the kids so that I could go to the movies tonight!!! HOORAY FOR MOMS!!! I saw Super 8 (duh) and it was every bit as fanfrickingtastic as I knew it would be.  Yes, it was cheesey and totally unbelievable, but it was perfect and just exactly what I wanted it to be and what I really thought it would be.  I just love JJ Abrams.  I don't care how cheesey he gets.  And if you see it, stay for the credits because they show the kids' movie while they roll credits and it's totally awesome.


  1. You CAN do it! Congrats on the weight loss, excellent! You are doing Weight Watchers, correct? Is the new format fairly easy to catch on to? I think I'd like to give it a go with this 20 lbs I've put on on Guam despite staying very active.

  2. You're so going to reach your goal! And you're looking great, too! (Yes, I realize there are no pictures in this post, but I forgot to point out in the last one how great you look!)