Monday, June 27, 2011

Your Boy's...Different

Well, we are all...different, I suppose.  Some more than others.  I thought Scott was the Reigning King of Weird Quirks, but now I'm not so sure.  You ready for this?
That's my son.  That's my boy! Wearing his sister's Halloween costume.  It's a purple ballgown.  He likes to pretend he's Tangled (he thinks that's her name.) Nevermind that he doesn't have any hair.  Nevermind that he's a BOY! Ugh.  I'm just going to assume that he doesn't understand yet that boys and girls are different.  And it's not like we have any manly dress up clothes.  And what fun is it to dress up like a man? Princesses are WAY more fun :) If he's still doing it when he's ten...well, get back to me then.  If I'm not already on the fifth floor and don't care what's going on in the Real World.

Actually, this sort of thing is so common at my house, I don't even notice anymore.  It was the night my parents got here, so they were a little caught off guard.  He still likes guns and baseballs, ya'll, he still likes to punch his brother in the face and pee on the side of the house.  He just wants to be like a character in his favorite movie.  And again, what fun is it to dress up like Flynn Rider?

This next one, I don't have AS many excuses for.

Looks pretty innocent, he's just playing with his little sister.  Until his mama sells him out and tells you that he went into his bedroom and got his baby doll to SHARE with his little sister.  It's not exactly his baby doll, I BOUGHT it for Ava.  But when you squeeze it, it says MA-MA and he just LOVES it! It's crazy.  He's usually pretty appropriate with it, holding it like a baby and talking sweetly to it, but he also spends a good bit of time slamming its head on the tile, throwing it over his shoulders, and cramming it- CRAMMING it, not gently placing it- into his sister's big pink stroller.

Wait, that last one isn't that great of a defense.  Scratch that.

And this last one is just sweet toddler fun, not a gender identity crisis in the making.
He's climbed into the jumer to jump (and he jumps for like twenty minutes before he realizes that it's not really that fun) and he can't get himself out.  And in the bottom, he's in the baby bathtub.  Giving his baby dog a bath.  Sigh.

And yes, I just sort of leave the bathtub laying around the house.  These houses are really big, with lots of dead space.  And I'm pretty lazy, so whatareyagonnado, you know? I stick it on the floor in a corner when I'm done with her bath, instead of putting it away.  Welcome to my life.

And speaking of that sweet fat girl, let's just have a quick picture of my little Junebug.
Yes, I know she looks like an alien.  She's having an awkward phase.  She'll grow out of it.
I hope.


  1. OH the joys!
    But you know, boys DO like to dress up!
    Go after Halloween and get a bunch of "on sale" Super Hero costumes. I gave 4 or 5 away that were too small last Halloween. Wish I would have known you then.
    Fire figher
    (*don't get me wrong, I have picture of my boys in heels and such)

  2. I read a much more gender bending story on a friend's blog last week about a new park playmate of her daughter's that ALL thought was distinctly a girl (in dress, twin french braids, name and mannerisms) but was very much a HE. I think it's great you're letting him be HIM without making him something else! (and there are pics floating around of one of my boys play vacuuming in a playmate's tutu and feathered heels...but he's quite the baseball playing, video game fan, boy part scratching dirty mess of MALE!