Friday, July 29, 2011

Five Minute Friday

If you don't know about the Gyspy Mama and Five Minute Friday, check her out here.

Caught up? Good.  Start my egg timer.  The prompt is STILL.


“Sit still!”
“Sit STILL!!”
“SIT still!”
“SIT STILL!!!!!”
“I will give you one hundred thousand dollars if you will just SIT STILL FOR FIVE MINUTES!!!”
Be still.  Be still and know that I am God.  Why can’t my kids get it? Why can’t they understand that if they could just slow down, just stop, just take a breath, just BE STILL, they would find wonder.  They would, I know it.  They would find wonder.
Like I do.  When I am still, I find wonder.  When I am still, I remember that God is God.  I really do, I know it.  I know.  God is God.  God is good.  God knows what’s going on.  God knows that my husband has been gone for four months, and he’s got another two or three left.  God knows that I probably spanked a little too hard too much today.  God knows that if I would have just stood still- just for a second, just for a whisper of a breath- if I had just been STILL, I could have remembered that I am all they have.  They have teachers, and friends, and family that love them, but in the end, at the end of the day, in the stillness in the dark, I am their world.  I’m the only thing standing between them and the horror of the unknown, the chaotic, confusing world that is the Real World.
But why can’t they just be still? Just once? Just for one minute? Because I KNOW that if they would just BE STILL, they would get a tiny glimpse of what I see when I am still.  And what I see is amazing.  And if-



Your turn.


  1. Well, I would play, but there's no way I could come close to that. Such a challenging post, Jenn. Thank you!

  2. This business of being still is s hard, but how we are rewarded when we are able to embrace that stillness... I am learning this with you, sweet friend. May God bless and be with you today, as you do this Mom thing solo for now... God give you strength and peace...

  3. oh, the frustration! yes, we know the lesson. . . and yet, so hard in the teaching, is it not? praying for you today in all your many challenges. and yes, praying for you to have some time of your own to be still, which has to be difficult during this time.

  4. You made me cry you skank!!!

  5. Jenn-have I told you that I love you lately? Great 5 minute post. I signed up Nathan for preschool at a local church today. It's right down the street from my in-laws. And I must say that I truly did feel God when I walked in. I felt love, and friendship and a wonderful place to worship. It was an incredible feeling. Our church here is dwindling so much. It breaks my heart. There is NOTHING for kids there or adults my age. Heartbreaking. But this new church feels so right to me. I truly believe it will help me become closer to God. And your post just made me realize how much I'm truly excited for that. Thanks!

  6. When I am still I find wonder.

    Great statement.

    And so true.

    Enjoyed your post today!

  7. Very good post. To find wonder when we are still, I like that! I wonder how many times God says to us Sit STILL!

  8. Just keep modeling stillness to them and, one day, they will see God, and see themselves for how he and you see them. It takes time and patience. Hang in there