Saturday, July 23, 2011

Liberation Day

So, after a little wikepedia research, I can tell you that on July 21st, 1944, Guam was occupied (is that the word?) by Japanese forces, and then the Marines landed on Asan Beach (where I do my walks! correction: where I DID my walks...) and liberated the island.  Hence, Liberation Day.

I didn't go last year because Nick was gone.  But my neighbor invited me and offered to help, and since I now know that Nick is pretty much no longer a part of our lives (don't worry, we're not getting divorced.  He'd have to be around for more than fourteen days in an EIGHT MONTH PERIOD for that) I figured I might as well just go without him.  So we did! And it was FANTASTIC.

Sort of like a really small Mardi Gras parade.  A d'Iberville Mardi Gras perhaps.  Except in Guam, everyone grills out on the route.  And instead of hamburgers and hot dogs, you get gourmet chicken, ribs, rice, salads, and keleguan (probably spelled wrong but my FAVORITE thing to eat here!) The food is probably the only thing I can say I absolutely LOVE about Guam.

Well, the food, and the friendly people.  I love those too.  
Bear in mind that I didn't no a single person in those pictures above.  Yvonne knew a few of them, and they invited her to sit with them (it's Guam, you HAVE to be in the shade or you will literally DIE) and she invited us, and they were just as welcoming as if we were their own family.  Have some food, have a drink, have more food, here, we'll take your baby- it was AH-MAZ-ING. Love it.

Then of course, there was the parade.  Little different than what you might be used to, but they threw some candy every now and then, and my kids lasted four hours before we had to bail.  That's phenomenal in Engelbrecht Time.
That picture on the top right? That's a float with the animals from the Guam Zoo. All of them.

Lucy the Karabo and her dogs...
All right, the kids are bugging me and I'm sick of editing, so I'm just throwing the rest of the pics up.  Thanks Yvonne for taking all these shots!! You can see that while I got my new camera the day before the parade, I only took three pictures.  Sigh.
I'm the worst blogger ever.  This would be SO CUTE cropped and actioned!

The other sweet family we went with.  She has four kids too.  But her kids are a LOT different from my kids. As you can see by the fact that they're all sitting still...

Our little camp.

Mama's getting a little tired.
Mama needs a haircut.  But I'm still rockin my pedi! And a pretty nice tan, if I do say so myself :)

Warren slept for about an hour.  Then ate a bunch of candy and went back to sleep.

Some of the Houston Widows.

Engelbrechts don't like loud noises.  AT ALL.

I gotta go back and edit this one.  I just love Ava. 
Look how excited he looks!!! Nevermind that the parade was coming from the other direction...

 So now I can say we've done the Liberation Parade.  Biba Guahan!!!


  1. That other Momma of four's kids are WAY older than yours. Of course they were sitting down you silly woman!!

  2. Glad you went and had fun. You do have quite the nice tan...this girl is jealous! Then again PCSing doesn't leave a whole lot of beach time. The locals here are so wonderful, we're saying goodbye to our island church family next sunday and I'm so not ready!